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Allow creation of global groups in email templates

In the design manager,
Global groups can be used in pages, and blog templates but they cannot be used in drag n drop email templates.

I have to update 8 email templates to make their footers all look a certain way. Unfortunately there's no way to create global groups. Therefore instead of spending just 2 minutes adding the global module to each of the emails I have to manually recreate it in all 8 templates and it will take me over an hour to do so.



You cannot create global groups in email templates - therefore you can't create email global groups, making it useless.

This wouldn't be as needed if there were a copy and paste group function in drag n drop templates.

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Temporary workaround for anyone running into this obnoxious problem.
This google chrome extension can be used to copy and paste groups from template to template:


Please make this change. We cannot use the drag-and-drop editor - only the classic editor - as this is not scalable for us. 


PLEASE add this functionality to Hubspot. I'm with Jon losing lots of time!!