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Allow creation of datetime field from Contact Property area (not just API).

There are many times when a datetime field can be beneficial for use in the contact properties. There are currently a few fields (HubSpot defaults) that contain this data but you cannot create a custom property for this kind of data through the editor screen. 


HubSpot default datetime fieldHubSpot default datetime field


Allowing this would help with building more precise workflows when it comes to email sending or time-sensitive emails like drip campaigns from workflows. 

HubSpot Updates
In Beta
July 11, 2024 09:00 AM

👋Hi all, I'm Rachel from the HubSpot Product team. An update - we are now in public beta for 'Create Datetime properties in HubSpot,' which allows you to create custom Datetime properties. You can opt into the beta under Product Updates. A few notes: 

  • When viewing and editing this property, a user’s current time zone will be used. This is based on the time zone set on their device.
  • When filtering with this property, your account’s time zone will be used by default.
  • Any custom datetime properties that had been created via a Support request / via API will now display Date & Time.
  • ‘Date’ properties whose field type can be edited can now be converted to ‘Date and Time.’
  • Datetime properties will be displayed as Date in the Forms Editor. Datetime properties are not yet supported in the new Forms Editor.

Being Reviewed
November 11, 2020 02:57 PM

Hi all! Jeff from the HubSpot CRM product team.


DateTime is absolutely part of the properties story for HubSpot in the future. We have some product and technical challenges to work through still, so no firm promise on timing, but will keep the group updated as this functionality comes along.

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Please add this feature.


The fact that there is no way to maintain the original contact creation date during a migration, makes this a must-have feature to be able to create a field that can be used to report on historical and future lead generation.

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This would help us so much 


I agree fully!  It would also help Buisnesses like mine that work extensively with service contracts where the time field needs to be used for enroll incomming tickets in different pipelines based on the time of day it was sent for example enroll the ticket into the "Support Buisness Hrs. Pipeline"(8:00AM-5:00PM) or enroll the ticket into the "Support After Hrs. Pipline" (12:00AM -8:00AM or 5:00PM-12AM).


Technically not supported but just sharing that it is actually possible to create properties as datetime when using the API and if you set both the "type" to datetime (as documented) and "fieldType" to datetime (not documented) it will work and appear as such in the manage properties UI 👀

Use at your own peril.

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Hmm i tried this @oboote and the API just told me this was not a supported field type


I created some earlier today - here's the JSON payload if you'd like to try:
"name": "last_used_livechat",
"label": "Last used livechat",
"description": "",
"groupName": "contactinformation",
"type": "datetime",
"fieldType": "datetime",
"formField": true

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The issue with using the API is that I can't do much with the DateTime Field Created by the api in the APP. I can't run automations based off of the time.


Run on this DATE. 5 minutes before TIME.


The best we can do currently is Run on this date at this specific time which is not dynamic enough for reminders.


All the competitors have this which is why I find this so odd this has not been created.

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Agreed @michaelpalmer I have a use case like this, also I want to create a custom object for events and would need a working datetime field or at the very least a separate time field to make this work.

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We are also constantly coming across needs for these to be created in custom properties.  We would ALSO want to be able to set these with "Now" in workflows.

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This Idea has been around for a very long time, and has a lot of upvotes, with some of the other things you have produced recently I can not imagine this is a difficult one



This is absolutley neccessary, please prioritize this!


I do not understand why this has not been prioritised as it is highly popular and needed.


Considering it has been proven to be able to be done with other HubSpot properties, and the complexity of other updates which have been done, it makes no sense to not have this yet.


The ability to create a custom "datetime" field would be very beneficial, the current method of creating a "datetime" field via the API is too complex. This feature is urgent and much needed.


2 years old now this request and surely its a basic necessity.


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I'll throw another vote in for prioritizing this property type directly within the HubSpot UI. Adding this will also allow us to map datetime fields from third-party platforms and integrations appropriately. Right now, we are unable to sync and utilize datetime data from sync integrations built by HubSpot because the datetime field is not compatible with any HubSpot property type.


We also need this prioritized, essential to managing multiple webinars that might be scheduled on the same day.

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Definitely need this!


I just signed up for HubSpot and I'm absolutely astonished that I can't create a date time field in the UI.... and to see that after doing a quick search this feature has been requested about three ago and STILL hasn't been implemented makes me really wonder if HubSpot is listening to user feedback.


When are we expecting this? This is absolutely needed!