Allow contacts to change email address

It would be great if HubSpot could introduce a feature to allow contacts to change their email addresses.


The way I've seen this used before, there is a link included at the bottom of emails that says "change your email address" in addition to unsubscribe or "manage your subscriptions." The link allows contacts to update their email addresses (for example if they changed jobs) to continue receiving emails.

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In addition to allowing Hubspot contacts to change their email address, I'd like contacts to be able to update their last name (e.g. a woman who gets married), their state (if they've moved), or any other contact property that a Hubspot business would allow their contacts to self-update.

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HubSpot Employee

I could come up with a workaround with Vince. I am going to share it here and hopeing to help others! Smiley Happy


1) Create a form like below:

  • [old email]
  • [new email] (Custom property)

2) Once the contact submit the form, we should have a value on [new email] (Custom property)

3) Create a workflow like this:

Enrollement trigger: Contact property [new email] (Custom property) is known

Action: Copy contact property  [new email] (Custom property) into Email (Default property)


By taking steps above, it should be able to update the email address.


workflow .png