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Allow contacts/attendees to Cancel & Reschedule events using Meetings

Contacts are double booking without canceling their previous meeting! It would be great if they got a HubSpot confirmation email with a reschedule button on it, or if the Contact already has a meeting book, the Meetings page recognizes it and presents an option to reschedule or cancel old meeting. 

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December 10, 2021 05:13 PM

Hi Community,


I'm excited to announce that this functionality is now Live for all accounts at all tiers. We plan to follow-up with some additional features and fixes to this in the near future, including a function that will allow attendees to share why they needed to cancel or reschedule a meeting. 




In Beta
October 05, 2021 07:17 AM

Hi Community! 


Thank you all for your patience and feedback in getting this feature to the top of our list! I'm happy to announce today that we now have a beta for this feature ready for folks to get access! You can reach out to your success point of contact at HubSpot and we'll get you in within 24 hours!


Some details:

This feature will allow attendees that scheduled a meeting to reschedule or cancel a meeting. Our goal in introducing this feature is to prevent you and your team from showing up to a no-show, and encourage your contacts/attendees to keep their meeting on the books! Reschedule and Cancel links will be available in the event as a raw URL. We did this rather than linked text due to an issue with the Microsoft Outlook API, that causes linked text to break occassionally.


When a meeting is cancelled, the event persists in the calendar, with the added text of 'Canceled' and both attendee and organizer status will be updated to 'Not attending'. The meeting event outcome in HubSpot will be updated to 'Canceled'. This was done to allow for the tracking & reporting of meetings that have been cancelled via the HubSpot CRM.


When a meeting is rescheduled, the calendar event is moved to the updated date and time. Email updates will go out to the attendees of the meeting with the new date and time. This was done to prevent duplicates. Below are some images of this functionality:






Re: Reschedule Meetings Feature - changed to: In Planning
September 19, 2021 04:00 PM

Hi Community,


Just a quick update here that we are very close to a beta for this functionality. Our plans would allow for reschedule links in the confirmaion emails, and the description of the calendar event. Attendees would have the ability to Cancel or Reschedule a meeting.


When cancelled, the meeting title would update with the word CANCELED at the beginning, and the outcome of the Meeting event in HubSpot would update to 'Canceled'. 


When reschedule, an attendee scheduling a meeting would be brought to the Meeting scheduling page flow to choose a new time. Once a new time is selected, the original calendar event will update to the newly selected date. 


We are testing this functionality this week, and plan to release this as a public beta as soon as the feature passes all tests. Thanks again for your patience and excitement as we develop this feature

Re: Reschedule Meetings Feature - changed to: In Planning
August 19, 2021 08:41 AM

Hi Communty! 


Thank you all for the feedback, and I apologize for the long wait you all have had to take for this feature. We are in development on new functionality that will allow attendees to cancel or reschedule meetings that they have booked through the Meetings tool. This will include buttons/links in the confirmation/reminder emails and the description within the calendar invite to let an attendee cancel or reschedule a meeting.


When a meeting is cancelled, the calendar event will update to reflect that the meeting has been cancelled and the 'Meeting outcome' of the event in HubSpot will update to 'Cancelled'


When an attendee chooses to reschedule a meeting, an attendee will be brought to the same booking flow to schedule a new time. The original calendar event will update to reflect the new time that has been selected. 


We plan to have a beta ready for testing in the next 2-4 weeks. I will update this page once we have news!




Re: Reschedule Meetings Feature - changed to: Not Currently Planned
April 27, 2020 03:32 PM

Hi Communnity,

Thank you all for sharing your feedback!

For transparency I am updating this issue from "In Planning" to "Not Currently Planned" because we wont be able to get to this in the next quarter. This is one of the top ideas in Meetings and will be a top priority for Meetings in the future. I will update here once we are able to reprioritize this work for development.




Re: Reschedule Meetings Feature - changed to: In Planning
April 25, 2019 02:06 PM

Plans change, things come up, for you and your contacts. Without the ability for your contacts to reschedule, they will often no-show, cancel, or use your Meeting link to re-book. We plan to add a feature to Meetings to allow contacts to reschedule a meeting. This is not yet in development, but on our product roadmap for Meetings.

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This this this! We can't switch from Calendly to Meetings until this exists.


Also, is there any way to keep Google from auto supplying a Hangout link as well?

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@jskirst YES! You don't know how many times our sales team calls a lead and they are on the Hangout already.

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I agree! This is adding manual work for me and confusion over meetings that prospects can't attend. They email me saying they need to change, but don't know how to cancel it. So, if I don't cancel the meeting manually, then I show up and forget that they've cancelled. Also, I often have to email them back with another link, as they don't realize that they can use the same link.


A reschedule or cancel option in the email confirmation would be really valuable.


You can actually turn off the hangouts in Google meeting requests (it's a google thing, not HubSpot). Steps are listed here.


Totally agree with this add "reschedule" and "cancel meeting" links in meeting requests!


yes please


 This would be really useful...


This would be a great idea for there to be an option to reschedule meetings booked. Not only for the consumer but also the sales person calling. 

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Yes. A prospect today was looking for a rescheduling link. This just goes into Google Calendar and now I'm at the mercy of Google. 

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Yes, yes and yes!!


We also use Calendly and thinking that people will cancel via the Google calendar or Outlook is wrong. People just don't turn up - very annoying but with Calendly, they just hit the cancel or rescheule links in the email (as we send reminders 1 hour and then again 10 minutes before) which ensures a 95% attendance rate.


It's great having Hubspot copy the Likes of Pipedrive for CRM and Calendly for meetings but unless they make it as good as these, you end up still having to use all the external softwares defeating the object of swicthing to Hubspot in the first place!


Hubspot, PLEASE PLEASE sort this very much needed and easy to implement feature!!!




Let me pile on to this request.  Hubspot, this is a nobrainer!  We get requests to reschedule all the time and the prospects ask how to do it.  In fact, it is quite embarassing to have to cancel manually and resend them the meeting link.  Please make this a priority!


We need this (and it seems like pretty basic calendering functionality).


Voted for yes. We wanted to move from Calendly to hubspot meetings, but expaining customers  how to reschedule a meeting takes too much time 😞 


agree! need this feature too!

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Yes, please! Clients are asking for this and the double booking drives us crazy!


 Yo HubSpot, this is definitely a no-brainer for a scheduling tool.  Please add this so that we can take the manual work out of the big percentage of reschedules.  The idea someone mentioned about providing a reschedule link in the confirmation email would be great as well as identifying an already scheduled meeting when someone visits the scheduling tool again.




PLEASE do this. We switched from Calendly recently as we wanted all our contacts and their activity in the Hubspot CRM but this is a major pain! Especially with a team of sales guys trying to book meetings all the time!!! 


Need to be able to reschedule or cancel a  meeting on the fly. Seems like a pretty obvious need. How is this not out of the box functionality? Hubspot have you never had a prospect need to cancel or reschedule a meeting?? 


It is ludicrous that a platform that costs $4,000/month can not do what every single solitary other $30/mo and under sceduling app can do. Stop this insanityh, & spend 24 hours coding this in. If literally every other SaaS cloud tool can do it, surely the "premier" marketing automation / CRM / Service tool (Hubspot) can do it. THis is needed - nea, required - like yesterday.

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Hi all, 


Just an update that we hear you on this thread and this is the proper channel to share your feedback. The best way to go about actioning this item is to: 


1. Share your use cases

2. Share what roadblocks this would help you resolve in your business

3. Share this idea with your coworkers and fellow HubSpot users; I have just upvoted this idea myself and I encourage you all to share it around as well 🙂 




The goal for our sales people is to book meetings -- and unfortunately, we have dealt with a lot of no-shows. A "Cancel" and "reschedule" feature within the confirmation and reminder emails would be extremely useful.