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Allow contacts/attendees to Cancel & Reschedule events using Meetings

Contacts are double booking without canceling their previous meeting! It would be great if they got a HubSpot confirmation email with a reschedule button on it, or if the Contact already has a meeting book, the Meetings page recognizes it and presents an option to reschedule or cancel old meeting. 

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Member does this without any issue.... that is their native functionality. I'm rather shocked this doesn't even exist within Hubspot's meeting feature.... 4 years this has been requested already and still nothing? Wow, guess I just need to keep my subscription... not to mention it's difficult to sync custom questions from because you can't see the question names, just a label "Custom question #" which is so vague!


Surprising and disappointing that there is not an option for this! Were you able to come up with a work-around that's successful?

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Hi HubSpot and fellow business account holders,


Gaining understanding of this long-standing issue is incredibly disappointing.  We look at migrating to new solutions, we compare all the applications that it will replace and include a total cost comparison.  I know for many of you, I saw that there was comparable meeting/calendar functionality to my previous paid platform, Calendly.  This comparison came directly from HubSpot - see below.


However, this is abolutely NOT the case.  We all know very well that being able to shift to address the ever-changing demands of business is foundation.  Being able to cancel and reschedule meetings is as foundational as basic email.  It has been part of our user experience for decades (i.e., MS Outlook and GMail through Propose capabilities).  


Honestly, I feel that HubSpot has unethically represented itself in the above article.  If I knew that it would not replace my calendar app in an equivalent manner, I may not have migrated.  This idea goes back to 2017 - with a tremendous of volume of respondants - and HubSpot continues to kick the can down the dark hallway of idea space.  


Here is what I ask, dear friends at HubSpot:


1.) Which Quarter has this build been slotted for - 2021?  I ask that it get done now.  You have made committments to your customers in stating that there is comparison when key success factos are missing.  Please stop behaving irresponsibly.


2.) Please immediately remove the above knowledge article until you can represent the claims accurately and honestly.


I love your product, but have been slightly disappointed on a few fronts so far - this most of all.


In appreciation,

Scot Walker


Hey, My CSM told us this is was:

  • Beta stage July
  • Launch plan August 

I'm hoping we should get the news pretty soon!


Thank you for the update. Since July is past, how do I immediately update
the Beta? I am already getting complaints from clients.


completely necessary to allow customers to manage their time and minimize the amount of time invested in managing the relationship.

HubSpot Product Team

Hi Communty! 


Thank you all for the feedback, and I apologize for the long wait you all have had to take for this feature. We are in development on new functionality that will allow attendees to cancel or reschedule meetings that they have booked through the Meetings tool. This will include buttons/links in the confirmation/reminder emails and the description within the calendar invite to let an attendee cancel or reschedule a meeting.


When a meeting is cancelled, the calendar event will update to reflect that the meeting has been cancelled and the 'Meeting outcome' of the event in HubSpot will update to 'Cancelled'


When an attendee chooses to reschedule a meeting, an attendee will be brought to the same booking flow to schedule a new time. The original calendar event will update to reflect the new time that has been selected. 


We plan to have a beta ready for testing in the next 2-4 weeks. I will update this page once we have news!





Amazing. Can't wait for the beta. How do we get early access? 


Thanks for the update Glen!



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Agreed, I would also like to be in the Beta if possible. 


I would also love to be on the beta. 


Thank you for the update and the diligent work! We deeply appreciate your commitment and look forward to being included in the Beta as soon as it is launched. Keep me in mind if you need a testing partner.


In gratitude,

Scot Walker 



Thanks for the update! We are very excited to learn this feature is progressing and would love to participate in the beta if possible. 


MiTio would also like to participate in the Beta!

Hi Glen-

My company would be very interested in previewing the beta for this feature as our recruiters schedule hundreds of meetings each day. We have many that have had to switch back to until this feature rolls out. We’d like to have them fully within the HubSpot atmosphere ASAP.


I also would love to be part of the beta.


Whoo-hoo!!! How do we get access to the Beta and will this work for round robin meetings?


@glencornell please let me know when the beta is ready.  exciting!


This is a pain point for us as well, we'd like to be able to fully migrate to Meetings, but need our customers the flexibility control their sessions.