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Allow connection of Office 365 shared mailbox to Hubspot shared mailbox

My understanding is you can connect an Office 365 shared mailbox to a personal Hubspot account with IMAP settings, however, this option doesn't seem to bve available for the team shared mailbox connection in Hubspot.


This would be extremely useful as most business traffic comes through generic shared info@ or enquiries@ addresses and not being able to connect them to it's counterpart in Hubspot is a real loss.


Thank you in advance for your help on this.

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It looks like we've got it working properly now. From my view there are two ways how to solve this issue. 


In our situation we have shared inboxes not set up as users with a license. They are shared inboxes that the team (who each has their own license) can open in their outlook to read/send e-mails with. 


Option 1:

To set up the shared inbox in HubSpot with their standard built-in functionality you will need to provide login credentials connected to that shared inbox. In other words you need it to be a licensed user. How to use the built-in functionality is easy and explained here. 


Option 2: 

Use the forwarding workaround that TRaymondRoto mentions in the previous post. I did not test this option but HS support mentioned the following about this method: 
The solution that they are explaining in the post is to use your HubSpot fallback e-mail address. The fallback address would be the forwarding address that you set externally. But the limitation here would be that every email would have to forwarded, and to set up the distribution group, I would recommend working with your IT team.


We solved it by providing the shared inbox with an Exchange Online licence/user account and used Option 1 to connect it to HubSpot. And disabled the standard MFA policy on that user account. In our case this would cost us less than € 50,-/year  I did not test Option 2, but it seems that this would work as well. 




pls implement this - this is a core feature


@jpmarkos is your work around still working? Leaning to implement this for our own organisation as well


@Nikieo It stopped working a few weeks ago, but I haven't bothered to connect it back. We're moving away from Hubspot.