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Allow connection of Office 365 shared mailbox to Hubspot shared mailbox

My understanding is you can connect an Office 365 shared mailbox to a personal Hubspot account with IMAP settings, however, this option doesn't seem to bve available for the team shared mailbox connection in Hubspot.


This would be extremely useful as most business traffic comes through generic shared info@ or enquiries@ addresses and not being able to connect them to it's counterpart in Hubspot is a real loss.


Thank you in advance for your help on this.

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@gtnett This is the old version from 2018, if you read the answers in the thread of your link, then you can see, that from 2019 on, this was not possible anymore



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I'd like to replicate a Shared Inbox in Office 365 in the 'consolidated inbox' - very surprised to see this wasn't an option!



Should your remark that "your personal email account has access to the shared mailbox" actually read "the Microsoft 365 user whose credentials were used to connect the Microsoft 365 Exchange e-mail account has read and write permissions to the Microsoft 365 shared mailbox"?


I have one licensed Microsoft 365 user with a Exchange mailbox and two shared mailboxes to which the former user has read and write permissions. The Exchange mailbox is connected in Hubspot as a "personal e-mail account".


I read in the HubSpot documentation that logging e-mails only works if the HubSpot e-mail alias is in the CC or BCC field. It also works for a HubSpot e-mail alias in the TO field?


Additionally, the HubSpot Microsoft 365 Add-in dialog window does not display when selected the Microsoft 365 shared mailbox within Microsoft Outlook. How to initiate logging incoming e-mails?


We'd like to have this feature implement as well!


This is something we need for sure!
Is there any update about this feature?
It's been 4 years already.


This would be very valuable to manage our support tickets from our shared mailbox ( that are send by our clients/contacts. Why is this not a feature already?


Yes we require this feature also. Thanks


We also need this!


Adding my voice to this. I'm sure there must be some kind of workaround for this, but this seems like such a basic and essential feature for doing the things that HubSpot was supposedly designed to do. Sales and support processes are built around shared inboxes, and most people work with shared inboxes created via 365 or Google Workspace.


Please look into how this can be implemented, it would save us as a company so much time and effort!


Can we please find a solution here? 




4 years later... 


Our workaround to this was to convert the exchange mailbox to type 'usermailbox' using the 'convert to regular mailbox' facility now available in the O365 admin CP.

This obviously requires payment for a licence to be assigned or purchased for it despite there being no 'real' O365 user. If you are happy to 'throw money' $12-15 or so a month at the problem' for a web app only licence (with desktop outlook) it is a fix (of sorts).

If you can temporarily assign a licence to it for the transformation and then get it (or keep it) under 50GB there are ways in which it should be possible to then reassign the licence to a real user while now having a connectable type of mailbox but obviously this is all time consuming and messy and will probably break the next time MS change it again. If trying to do this I suggest checking out

Integrations via API with exchange shared mailboxes are technically possible as I have one working in salesforce in a different organisation so it can be done. It's a mystery why Hubspot don't do it.


Yes please!