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Allow connection of Office 365 shared mailbox to Hubspot shared mailbox

My understanding is you can connect an Office 365 shared mailbox to a personal Hubspot account with IMAP settings, however, this option doesn't seem to bve available for the team shared mailbox connection in Hubspot.


This would be extremely useful as most business traffic comes through generic shared info@ or enquiries@ addresses and not being able to connect them to it's counterpart in Hubspot is a real loss.


Thank you in advance for your help on this.

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Wow this thread has SO many upvotes, and no sign from the dev team...


A similar very essential missing feature is this one: Setting the standard agenda/calendar to save new meetings if you have linked multiple.... check and vote:



HElllllllooooo Hubspot team ?   Are you listening ??
Can we at least have someone validate if it's technically feasible ?


+10 users needing this


This is crucial, and I expect the two companies to work something out. I would say that this functionality is very important


It's really weird Hubspot is sending people down a black hole for such basic functionality


Have the exact same use case where shared mailboxes are use throughout our business. The ability to connect them directly to our HubSpot account would make our lives so much easier.




A few weeks ago, I experimented with a process that has proven effective so far. So far.

  1. Changed the shared mailbox into a regular user account.
  2. Allocate a license to this account and reset the password.
  3. Integrate the account with Hubspot.
  4. Revert the account back to a shared mailbox configuration.

The whole sales team with access to the shared mailbox means that more eyes are on inbound enquiries and it's easier to see actions taken. 


Yes please add the feature! Hopfully not in 2028... Thx


I've come up with a workaround that works at least for us. The workaround is done on Microsoft Exchange level, but pretty simple. For all clarifty, we use MS 365, so everything in the cloud, but this should work for on-premise or hosted Exchange too. All you need is access to the Exchange admin.

Existing situation

New situation

With this you get the emails in both places, it's easy to maintain and set up. I'd love to hear if this woks for more of you.


@OdeGraaf9 Thank you! Will try it!


Given this thread has gone on from 2020 with no response from Hubspot and this is an essential piece of functionality, this has tipped us to use Salesforce. 


Amazed this hasn't been implemented after al this time, especially with MS moving organisations to shared mailboxes. HubSpot a great product otherwise, but this is such a key feature, it forces us to look elsewhere. 🙁


We need this.


Earlier this week we had a several hour outage of emails in HubSpot while we sorted out a Microsoft Authentication issue 'catch 22' caused by the clunky workaround we have had to implement to get an O365 / Exchange shared mailbox to work in HubSpot. See post ‎Mar 24, 2021 6:24 PM for how we did this.

This wasted several hours of staff time and really makes getting adoption of HubSpot with sales staff hard work when they have to deal with stuff like this.

HubSpot support were helpful as always, but we really shouldn't be having to use workarounds like this after 260 upvotes for something every other CRM / Ticketing Desk / etc. Cloud Service has implemented years ago.





Extremely disappointed with this.   We just moved from Salesforce to Hubspot and I can't believe that this is still an issue at this point in time!  +1000 for my vote to get this resolved and SOON.   Although ever more disconcerting is that this was posted in 2019 and no real response from Hubspot Development.   As others have mentioned, this is possible since it's being done with Salesforce.   How do you plan on competing with Salesforce when you can't implement a feature that many other toolsets support?


On the one hand, the HubSpot Knowledge Base article on connecting your personal email says "you cannot connect Office 365 shared mailboxes to HubSpot".


However, elsewhere the website advises that if you want to connect a Microsoft 365 shared mailbox to HubSpot, you should:


  1. Set up a hosted email address in HubSpot
  2. Add the hosted email as a forwarding address in Microsoft 365's settings.

Full details on the process are given in the article "Forward emails to a hosted email address in the conversations inboxhere:


I haven't tried it yet but I'm hoping it's the answer.



@SeanFG Curious to hear if this worked for you

Also curious to hear from people who opened support tickets about this issue. So far for me the answers have been very disappointing and frankly look like HS Support has no clue as well.


So I talked with support multiple times as well as our CSM (paying customer).  I didn't get the impression that this situation was going to change anytime soon.  So I tried their alternative which is to forward the email to a hubspot mail address.   To my surprise, this works quite well.    From the Customer's perspective, they can tell no difference.   Email's come into Hubspot appearing to have come directly from the customer.   So as I see it, it's a valid solution to the problem.

The only issue that would remain using this method, is that if your using a shared mailbox, you would need to do something to purge the old emails periodically since Hubspot is just getting forwarded (however there is a way around that to by using the option to forward and not keep a copy).  My solution was just to use a distribution group and make the hubspot email an external contact and the only member of the distribution group..   Again.  works perfectly fine.