Allow connection of Office 365 shared mailbox to Hubspot shared mailbox


My understanding is you can connect an Office 365 shared mailbox to a personal Hubspot account with IMAP settings, however, this option doesn't seem to bve available for the team shared mailbox connection in Hubspot.


This would be extremely useful as most business traffic comes through generic shared info@ or enquiries@ addresses and not being able to connect them to it's counterpart in Hubspot is a real loss.


Thank you in advance for your help on this.

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this seems like basic functionality that should get in place soon.. 





Another feature that you could consider a standard in every CRM. Please make this happen soon.


We desperately need this instead of gettign an office 365 license for each currently shared inbox (we share them in O365 purposely so we can easily add/remove members instead of constantly sharing/updating the mailbox access credentials).


This 100% needs to be available!

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Our company needs this as well!! 


We need this to. This feature is very important for us to be successful in implementing Hubspot


Need it!


I agree with the ideas proposed here. While using the 0365 outlook add on will bcc an email to the Hubspot back up email (which is great) the team won't know any correspondence has been received (within hubspot) unless they go to the individual contacts records. This still leaves the same gap in knowledge becuase the co worker who may have received a reply in personal email is the only one who knows the response etc. Is there solution that our own IT teams need to implement? if so it would be good to know, if not then the team email/channel with o365 is "not doing what it says on the tin"




A little misleading on the configuration......Connect to a shared mailbox......but provide a UserID and Password.....and as it already sees me logged in, so just connects my mailbox.


Come on HubSpot, sort this one out please, it cannot just be the people here who voice this sentiment, but all the others who just accept a 'cost' for a MS Workaround for lack of functionality in HubSpot



I had this and was told by helpful sales person in the chat bot to clear the cache in my browser and then to try again. It worked in terms of giving me the choice of log in name.


I've got around the shared email not having o365 account by choosing the last option other email account.

1 changed the to something matching the shared email address

2 changed the alias to the actual shared email address

3 Hubspot sent verification email to that real address

4 acknowledged the email

5 set up forwarding (while retaining copy) in for my shared email address (outlook). the forward address was the re-named address in step one.

6 clicked next to complete.

7 went back in to add other email address and repeated step 1 and 2

8 then all the click thro to next worked and the shared email was added to the inboxes

9 all mail sent to shared inbox is forwared to hubspot.

So it seems to be working fine. the only caveat is that I'm not sure if auto forwarding only happens if the shared email account is opened by someone and the message downloaded. Thats not a problem for us as the shared email address remains active son the Hubspot won't be too far behind (the last bit of what I've just said may just be a red herring as I'm learning the ropes)

I'm using the free version so all forwared emails only arive in the one box but can easily can be assiged to the individuals or team email groups.


God luck all



Adding a vote... this would be very helpful for our organization. 

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Hey guys! I have to ask. Have you tried to get/reset a password for the shared mailbox in the o365 admin settings? When you get that you can log in to the shared mailbox individually and then add it to HubSpot conversations tool. We did that and it works.


This is an old screenshot but you can get the point:



I´m also voting here as this functionality would be helpful for us too.