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Allow connection of Office 365 shared mailbox to Hubspot shared mailbox

My understanding is you can connect an Office 365 shared mailbox to a personal Hubspot account with IMAP settings, however, this option doesn't seem to bve available for the team shared mailbox connection in Hubspot.


This would be extremely useful as most business traffic comes through generic shared info@ or enquiries@ addresses and not being able to connect them to it's counterpart in Hubspot is a real loss.


Thank you in advance for your help on this.


We need this too.

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Also for us it would be useful.

We also need support for Office 365 but with an Internal Exchange 😃


From Pam Cotton: 

The reason why it's not possible to connect with 365 groups it's because there is not a current way to connect an inbox to HubSpot without having a username and password.



We get that, but that's why we'd like development to create an integration. There usually IS a username and password associated with the user who has privileges to the shared mailbox. Why can't those additional permissions be passed along to HubSpot to then select any of the user's shared mailboxes for inclusion?


We need this.

As hubspot is all about inbound marketing it doesn't make sense this isn't already being worked on. Especially since Covid began and everybody is working from home. 


Yes please!! I have been trying to set exactly this up as I have shared mailboxes in O365 for generic business end points and would really like for example to have everything that comes in via support@mygreatcompany.whatever to be treated as a support ticket in HubSpot.


It seems this is not yet possible without buying unnecessary additional O365 licences (which then breaks the whole point of shared mailboxed in O365).



10000 times yes! 


I want to expose our groups to the whole team.


This scenario is exactly the same as when HubSpot is connecting to a Facebook Company Page:


Authorize as a human user - look up what company pages he/she has access to - grab one/more and connect to those and not the actual user.


You will need to allow the user to sign in as themselves, then you'll need to query the Office 365 user for what groups he/she is part of in the target O365 tenant, and provide a list of those. Then the user will pick one group, and you can grab that identity and set up a connection to it - and NOT connect with the authorizing users inbox.


Same scenario applies for Google Groups.


We absolutely need this too! Hubspot please allow this.


Use shared mailbox instead of O365 group.

No license required and you can set up password and then connect to hubspot.



Yes please. I have upvoted this as it would make much more sense for teams.



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Hi team,

Commenting for a customer here.

Understand that we should be able to create a new email address > and connect that as team email. but this is super unrealistic for large companies who have been using the group outlook 365 feature for a long time.

Are we able to look to implement this? thank you!


A well described problem that gets my upvote.

The workaround to this is to convert the exchange mailbox to type usermailbox using the 'convert to regular mailbox' now available in the O365 admin CP.

This obviously requires payment for a licence to be assigned or purchased for it despite there being no 'real' O365 user. If you are happy to 'throw money at the problem' it is a fix.

If you can temporarily assign a licence to it for the transformation and then get it (or keep it) under 50GB there are ways in which it should be possible to then reassign the licence to a real user while now having a connectable type of mailbox but obviously this is all time consuming and messy and will probably break the next time MS change it again. If trying to do this I suggest checking out

Integrations via API with exchange shared mailboxes are possible as we have one working in salesforce so it can be done.


This needs to happen yesterday. Microsoft is pushing groups and Salesforce can handle Office 365 group mailboxes, so why can't HubSpot? Even HubSpot employees (like @YiRui_Chua) can't seem to get a straight answer. 🙄


Yes, this is a much needed feature for running campaigns.




Yes, we also need this. 


This would be good as it would save a license and MS now support this so it needs a change from Hubspot to support it.


Throwing my vote in the ring for this.  We have 4 to 6 groups that, when we partnered with HS, I anticipated linking to the CRM to manage tickets and service requests.  Because they are groups I cannot link any of them and even the work around method is cumbersome and does not satisfy the requirements that would me met if these could be a Channel.  


Throwing my vote in here as well. This indeed would be a large releif. Our group emails now has 20+ email rules as workarounds to hosted addresses with HubSpot and it's not scalable and is slow. Ideally tickets sent to an Exchange group "" should be able to generate tickets/conversations within HubSpot and to enable this is the solution to all current & future Microsoft Office users since they're pushing the groups/shared inbox feature for their Office365.