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Allow community members to upvote on blog comments or knowledge base articles open for comments

Our company loves to have community members share their ideas, opinions and questions to some of the topics or blog posts we create! As our community is growing and cannot view all questions, its really helpful for us to see the top-rated or upvoted questions or comments to see what the overall community trend is. It would be amazing if HS could allow for this!

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Great idea, we also seek more insight why certain articles are disliked. If our customers would be able to submit a comment that would be really helpful. Especially if it was possible to add a customizable explanation like "comments are only reviewed. if you seek help please use our customer support chat"

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+1 for this idea!    This issue came up recently with a zendesk migrations, seems like it could be fairly simple to execute.  It's a great engagement feature to help you determine which KB articles are the most effective/helpful vs those that are not helpful

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Yes, We need this functionality