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Allow chats to be left unassigned when the contact owner is away.

Hi Team!

Right now you can set live chats to automatically be assigned to the visitor's owner. If the owner is set to 'Away' then the visitors message is emailed to them instead. This is not useful since users might be OOO for long periods of time and then those visitors go unanswered. 

It would be great if we had the option to assign chats to the visitor's owner and if the owner is away then have the chat left on unassigned. 

This is quite crucial to operating smoothly


2020-10-15 08_58_03-Chatflows.png


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This would be a feature we would need before we could use the Live Chat within our team in the best way.  Thanks.


Looking for the same exact option here. I've tried to put together a workflow to accomplish this, but it appears the 'user status' isn't availabe to filter there.