Allow blocking of an individual email address on a form


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Our Contact Us form is being spammed by someone who is using a domain. Since we do get valid submissions from gmail accounts on this form we cannot block the entire domain.


It would be great if there was a feature which would allow us to block individual emails or alternatively block a contact record altogether.

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Aug 17, 2020

Hi @SelinaK!


We use upvotes to gauge our customers' interest in a particular feature request. The more upvotes, the more we know our customers would like the feature. 


Upvotes on their own don't dictate our Product team's decision to develop a feature. Customer feedback, feature possibility, resources, and other factors are all considered, so we don't have a specific "count" a thread has to reach before it is developed.


More about how the Ideas Forum works can be found the Ideas Forum Management Guide:


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Jun 3, 2020

Hi HubSpot Community,


My name is Joe, I'm the Ideas Forum Manager. I've been in contact with the HubSpot product team about this Idea, and I wanted to provide a quick update.


We appreciate all the feedback you’ve shared here to help our team evaluate this feature request. However, at this time, this functionality is not something our team is planning to build into HubSpot. This is certainly subject to change in the future, so feel free to leave feedback if you'd like. We'll update this thread if our plans change.

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Apr 10, 2017

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It would be nice to have the option of blocking spammy email domains from all forms rather than adding these domains to each form individually.

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Would love to get this feature! The spammers are getting more aggressive.


This would be really useful for us. Please implement.


There is a spammer that submits our forms 10-20 times a day. If anyone knows how to stop this, please let me know -  I would really appreciate!

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It would be super helpful if we could block emails portal wide. Some of the portals I'm managing have several hundres of forms – blocking emails on each form is not feasible. At the same time, senior users in our portal are receiving spam submission notifications.


In a similar way we're able to identify Contact records as Marketing contacts, it would be helpful to identify Contact records as SPAM/Quarantined.


Use case: We have repeat offenders who over time submit on multiple forms using gmail addresses. Some have alternated between submitting what looks legitimate and then following up with another submission with their SPAM offer.  Blocking at form level is, as all the others in the thread have noted, not an option because it's gmail domain address. If we were to completely delete the contact records to keep our system clean, we lose the history that can provide the needed context.  


This would be  a great idea but we have somebody who keeps coming through with different emails that overwrites with a cookie. So maybe worth being able to restrict the "IP" too

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Great point, @MPurchase91, facing the same issue in some portals that I'm managing.

Yes! Great idea.

Thank you!
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OH, you mean it's been three years and hundreds of users asking HubSpot to develop a simple, obvious feature that every other platform has, yet HubSpot hasn't developed it yet?


What a shock!


Don't hold your breath for this feature. It seems like HubSpot actually de-prioritizes the popular feature requests just to make their customers angry.


Same! Please add this feature! We are getting spammed on our contact from by a specific email address. 


Would be swell to have an email blocking feature, so that I can mark specific emails as spam and block all future communication. Current domain-level blocking doesn't come close to what is needed given spammers are crafty... and use generic email domains such as or 


Please make this a priority!


Upvote blocking contact details. Esepcially when the customer has no provided the phone number and has keep getting stalked from hundreds of people over month.s

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I'm facing this exact issue and I'm surprised this isn't already a feature. We need to block the spammy 'seo experts' that consistently fill in our forms using Gmail addresses. However, I do not wish to block the free domains as we do win business from free domain enquiries.


Following this as I believe this is a must-have feature


@JoeMayall has there been any further consideration from the HubSpot team to implement this as a feature? Being able to use our own blocklists would be extremely useful.


Yes we really need this! We have one person who keeps submitting forms, and he has submitted about 25 now! I'm getting tired seeing the notifications from this person now. Considering how much we pay for Hubspot, is there a chance you will listen to our requests?

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Sometimes I just come to this idea and dream of what life would be like if this were implemented 🙂