Allow blocking of an individual email address on a form

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Our Contact Us form is being spammed by someone who is using a domain. Since we do get valid submissions from gmail accounts on this form we cannot block the entire domain.


It would be great if there was a feature which would allow us to block individual emails or alternatively block a contact record altogether.

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We are having trouble blocking competitors who sign up to our emails using personal email accounts. This would be solved with a similar email block feature.

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This would be a handy feature! We are also experiencing similiar issue with someone submitting the same form multiple times. 

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 This feature would be great!  I know a specific competitor is accessing all of our content under a fake email address. We also have good leads come in from domains like,, etc.



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To add to this, it would be most useful if we block these emails from all our forms, not have to block them manually on each form.

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I agree, a feature allowing us to block individual email addresses or specific contact records would be very helpful.

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This would be great. Has any traction been made on this feature?

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Please do this. Having to delete multiple emails from unwanted users is ridiculous and wasting everyone who receives notifications time.

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Please add this feature. We routinely get spammed from the same contact with the same message 3-5 times a day. We already implemented CAPTCHA and we can't block by domain as we get legitimate leads from gmail.


We've had this issue since March and there has been no word about it being on the horizon as a feature.

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yes please, we need this!!


I'm also in need of this. Receiving an abundance of spam type comments at the moment.