Allow attachments received in emails to log to CRM

When logging emails to CRM, allow the attachments to be placed into or linked with the Deal or Contact.

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Allow attachments received in emails to log to CRMHubSpot Product Team

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Allow attachments received in emails to log to CRMHubSpot Product Team
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This is currently in beta! Once ungated for the new functionality, we will not drop email attachments and images from emails that are logged in the CRM. We are planning to roll this out fairly slowly to make sure everything is performant, so if you would like to be a part of the beta, please fill in this form and I'll ungate you:

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We have been relying on this functionality working in the Conversations Inbox... I didnt realise the attachments in the Sales Hub is still in Beta....?! 


If a contact has forwarded an email with attachments and even worse forwarded an email with an email attached that includes attachments they dont populate! This might sound overly complicated but it is a fairly normal occurance for companies sending PO/Quotes and Orders across multiple departments.


The functionality showing attachments within Hubspot is not reliable. 

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This is a necessary feature. Hope this happens soon!

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How does one get in on this Beta?

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I feel this will be an absolute disaster for our company.  We use Hubspot to store attachments and as an electronic filing system, including contracts that are finalized, sometimes there are 10 or more email exchanges in negotiating a contract. What is happening now is that each time an email is exchanged the draft contract is automatically added.  We could have 10 versions of the contract added and would have to open each document to figure out which one is the correct one. Email signatures are being added as JPG's - these are of no consequence and are quickly piling up as attachments.  If this doesn't stop we will quickly have a ton of junk attachments.  We love using Hubspot but if this continues it will throw our entire system of electronic organizing into chaos and we may need to find another CRM.  While some of your clients might appreciate this automatic adding of documents we would strongly prefer to OPT OUT.  Having an OPT OUT would provide flexibility for all of your clients.
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@matthewpond Just a question - Don't you rename the document in case you need to go back a few steps? Like v1; v2; final?

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We also don't want this feature, and don't appreciate that we can't opt-out. HubSpot has not given anyone a choice and is now keeping all emailed documents on their servers. It's a privacy issue, and I agree also an organizational one. The attachments section is a mess and is not useful to us. An option to opt-out would be excellent but should have been implemented by default.

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Now that this feature is rolled out, there needs to be an opt-out feature. When all of the attachments are automatically siphoned up, it adds far too much irrelevant data. We use Hubspot to negotiate contract terms with clients. In the course of a contract negotiation, we send many drafts back and forth and they're all getting added to the profile for that company. In addition, any signatures that are added as JPEG's to the end of emails are also picked up and added to a company profile. This results in lots of superfluous data being added as attachments to company profiles. When it comes time to find attachments on a company profile, we now have to wade through a sea of irrelevant documents. If this feature is to be retained, there needs to be a way to turn it off.