Allow attachments received in emails to log to CRM

When logging emails to CRM, allow the attachments to be placed into or linked with the Deal or Contact.

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@ernopyykko Just deafening, frustrating silence.


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Why is there no response on this? It was really popular on the old idea platform.

@roarkjanis wrote:

When logging emails to CRM, allow the attachments to be placed into or linked with the Deal or Contact.


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I am honestly also chocked by the absence of this feature! Your servers receive the emails (BCC and Forward) with the attachments, so why exclude the attachments when saving the emails in your system?

Our previous CRM system, Highrise, had this feature of course and I did not expect at all that I had to check that this feature existed in Hubspot CRM as well before we made our choice to switch system...

I really, really hope this feature will be added soon!

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I agree that this funcionallity is critical. Hubspot should definitely implement it ASAP and the absence of this affects our whole company directly. 

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Hi There,


This really would be helpful and beneficial.


Please could it be considered!

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Absolutely critical time-saver for us. We need Hubspot CRM to automatically add anything we attach to an email going out to a client and load it as an attachment in the client's History. Similarly, anythingwe forward in to Hubspot must take any attachments from the forwardede email and load those straight in too. Otherwise it's doubling the workload - send an email, find a file, load it many reasons why this reduces the likelihood of people actually doing it. PLEASE make this feature a priority!

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 we really need this feature back to track attachments sent to leads, also most customers prefer to receive attachments than links.... 

please get it back to work. Smiley Sad

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Yep this gets my vote, or a button to add the docs in an email to the crm

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I agree with this suggestion - a drag and drop solution would be a good compromise.


Also - the option to tick if you want the attachment logged would be good.


I assume this hasn't been implemented as a lot of users are using the free version and lots of attachments would significantly increase the storage required on the cloud.  If this is the case then add it to the Pro version.


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Just started using HubSpot.  Couldn't figure out why email attachments weren't showing up in the contact's timeline.  This seriously isn't included in the HubSpot software?  How could this be?  I have to pinpoint emails that originally had attachments and manually upload them to each contact?  That could be a dealbreaker.  This is nuts.  Any update on this?