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Allow attachments received in emails to log to CRM

When logging emails to CRM, allow the attachments to be placed into or linked with the Deal or Contact.

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If we send a tracked email and then receive a response, any attachments in that response are stripped from the CRM log. Is there any way to automatically save those attachments to the contact or company? Is this maybe an option using Workflows?


Any plans for this quite basic feature request?

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This is a really, really, really important feature.  Is Hubspot even looking at these?   Kind of disappointing that this idea was nearly a year ago with no action or update.  


Is anyone from Hubspot reading these?  Any progress?



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+1. This is so painful in our sales process. If we new this before buying, we might have choosen a competing product.

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Just to reiterate...this renders the Outlook and Gmail integration nearly useless.  When sales reps email a price quote (which won't always be from HS directly because a 1:1 email was sent to the rep from the prospect, thus it won't be IN hubspot to reply to), they email from Outlook or Gmail, and the price quote is not attached nor available for management to review as-needed.  This one is becoming a contention point internally.


Please provide an update to all of us on this one.


This critical feature request has been out for about a year now with zero response from Hubspot. This level of service is rediculous for the amount of money that we pay for the product.


We really need this to move forward. This is becoming a serious showstopper for our HubSpot implementation. At least we need to know whether this is on the roadmap or not?


Hubspot, there is clearly a need for this. Please could you advise if you are going to build this feature?


Lieber Hubspot, für uns ist die Funktion von einem Emailverlauf extrem wichtig - da wir aktuell nicht sehen können worauf sich der Kunde oder ein Mitarbeiter bei einer Email bezieht. Es heißt immer "siehe Anlage in dieser Email". Aber es kann nicht geprüft werden um welche Anlagen es sich handelt. 


ES IST WIRKLICH WICHTIG!!! Wie ist der Stand  - wir warten bereits 1 Jahr auf eine Antwort von Ihnen. 😞 HUBSPOT Erfahrung ist sonst sehr positiv - jedoch das BUG ist sehr problematisch für uns. 

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Hey there folks,


HubSpot developer here. We hear your pain and are working on this feature. Unfortunately, it's hard to commit to any particular rollout date but we will gradually open it up to all portals once it's working and stable enough for our email system to handle.


Apologies for the long silence on this one!



This would make life and work so much easier! I'm surprised that that is not possible in Hubspot yet as my former very simple CRM had this already!


Please add this feature! We send attachments all the time to prospects and current customers and in order to see what was sent we have to look through Outlook instead of the CRM. 




We definitely need this for our daily processes as well! Prio A feature 🙂

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We might be able to help with this problem. We have an integration with Hubspot called Threads that automatically syncs your historic and future emails from your email client and logs them in your HubSpot instance. It captures both emails sent by you and also emails sent to you from your contacts. The emails (with attachments) are then stored in the Threads hub. We create a link directly from the captured email in Hubspot so you can quickly access the original email and attachments. If this is of interest feel free to drop me a line at 

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What's the status of this feature? We're finding that HubSpot CRM automatically saves email attachments to the associated CRM companies and contacts. However, it also attaches inline images, like company logos in email signatures. This is burdensome when the CRM record is flooded with unnecessary images.


We'd like to see HubSpot dial back this feature and only save email attachments to the CRM record, not the actual inline images. HubSpot's product team may also want to consider settings to control this feature:

  1. Automatically save email attachments to the associated CRM record (on/off)
  2. Automatically save inline images to the associated CRM record (on/off)

@arickp does this work in your account? I have just tested here and nothing get attached to deal, contact or company. This might mean that the feature is being tested on selected accounts. @mattball?

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@JohanB that's correct; we're not rolled this out to all customers yet. It's still in an internal beta so we can make sure that it works well.

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This is currently in beta! Once ungated for the new functionality, we will not drop email attachments and images from emails that are logged in the CRM. We are planning to roll this out fairly slowly to make sure everything is performant, so if you would like to be a part of the beta, please fill in this form and I'll ungate you:


Tried the beta form link ( but get this:


You need permission

This form can only be viewed by users in the owner's organization.

Try contacting the owner of the form if you think this is a mistake. Learn More.


Would love to sign up for the beta, but the form says it can only be accessed by the owner's organization.