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Allow attachments received in emails to log to CRM

When logging emails to CRM, allow the attachments to be placed into or linked with the Deal or Contact.

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Yes, this should really be integrated into the CRM, it will be very useful for me and my team.
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We just discovered that email attachments are not being logged (i.e. all PDF Quote Proposals sent...hundreds of them). ...not logged?!?!  We're discovering this in preparation for an ISO Audit. Smiley Frustrated


Not cool.  Not. Cool.


There should be a warning in the Gmail Plugin that warns people that the attachments will not be logged. Smiley Surprised


Please provide us an update asap.




Both received and sent would be needed to be logged into the CRM.


This was not highlighted when we were comparing Pipedrive vs HubSpot. When is this getting implemented?


This would be a life saver. We're using Hubspot to track communications with our beta testers. Having to manually add the photos and screenshots they send us is breaking our system 😞


This is a bug, and a HUGE miss from the HubSpot team.  I've had email attachments copying into CRM before I even had my first flip phone.


This needs to be addressed for sure.


This is a very important feature that will save time from having to manually add the attachment later on.


I would also love to see this in the near future.


 This really is a crucial feature. Attachments contain so much ciritical client information, especially when exchanging contracts or statements of work. A serious CRM should stive to be the master repository and source of truth for customer data. These missing attachments are a huge omission.


Not having this feature is turning out to be a huge issue for our sales team.

We are currently adding all attachments manually, and it feels like a step backwards in reducing redundant operations.  Both inbound and outbound attachements have cruicial data that needs to be archived throughout a deal process. 

Without this option, i feel this cannot be our long term CRM solution.


For some reason hubspot still not decided to implement this feature back and unfortunately that will be the reason for us to stop being a customer. 

It is frustrating to input all manually. 





 This is a critical feature for our business and without, it I would switch to 17hats or basecamp. 


Definately a must have feature for us also


This is a must have for our business. I takes away that marginal error of losing files that have been emailed to us. 


When is this going to be available?


Das ist sehr wichtig und muss unbedingt kurzfristig erfolgen, damit das Tool von einer Free in Premium Version gewandet werden kann. Aktuell ist es nicht ausreichend. 


Ich hoffe es wird schnell umgesetzt? 


DANKE Oliver


 Please add this feature!


Really important feature that is missing! Reason why i will migrate away from hubspot


I am evaluating Hubspot as our CRM system and then I discovered this. First I was certain it was a bug, that there was something with my setup, my email or something. Tried everything, different attachments, different mail clients, send as BCC and TO field, reply to, inline image attachments in the email and so forth. Nothing works!


This is so FLAWED that I am just baffled! It's impossible to choose Hubspot as our CRM if we can't rely on that vital information in the sales communication is stored alongside the text content. Sometimes customers send attachments with vital information such as specification sheets, images of products related to the sales interaction, purchase orders  and so forth. In the email body text the attachments might be discussed as well. Sales people or managers that read the text in Hubspot can't understand what the customers talk about since the attachments and inline images are removed from the text, which in sense makes almost the whole logging useless. It's such a glaring omissions that it would be impossible for us to choose Hubspot as our CRM.


What also scares me is the utter silence from Hubspot? Is this intentional behavior or just an oversight or a glaring bug? Are you reading your ideas forum? At least give a rational explanation for why you have decided to have it like this or if you are intending to fix it please inform us. I asked a Hubspot salesperson on the chat and he didn't even know that attachments wasn't saved in the email logging. He said that of course the attachments was saved, like any rational person would do I guess... Do sales talk to R&D and are you all aware of this and how detrimental it is for your CRM system? 

It has been a suggestion now for several months, and some posted it was a similar problem on the old site with over 200 votes. Others are saying that they are leaving Hubspot CRM for this omission alone. I can say for certain we can't choose Hubspot as our CRM if this is not fixed or at least someone telling us that it's on the roadmap to be fixed.


For the moment this is the only thing that holds us back from going all in on Hubspot, I really like the CRM and I want to choose it but unfortunately I can't with this failure in behavior.


Please someone from Hubspot enlighten us with your insights, it's time to respond now...  








Please add this feature! 


We just signed up for HubSpot and I was dissapointed that this feature is missing. Please Add!!!