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Allow attachments received in emails to log to CRM

When logging emails to CRM, allow the attachments to be placed into or linked with the Deal or Contact.

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This suggestion had almost 200 votes on the old ideas platform. It's a really important feature and its absence hurts.

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We really need this feature (which I consider critical) to be linked to gmail.

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Being able to save e-mails with files attached is an important feature for us. SalesForce has it!! 

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This feature is very important for us, too!
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It should defintiely be an option as "Log to CRM" is an option with every email. 


The attachments function wihtin the CRM needs alot of work. To attach multiple files to a record takes far too long, why is there no bulk select?


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When I send or recieve an e-mail, the e-mail correspondance will be placed in my hubspot contact, that is smart.


But it would be even smarter if attachements in e-mails would also be placed in the attachments under the contact or company, so you do not need to do it manually every time you send a file.


Thank you

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Absolutely necessary - having to remember to save the email attachments is a bit of a pain. Many thanks

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Am shocked this feature doesn't exist already - a must - send to the top of the list.

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Please add this feature!  It will save all HS users the time it takes to upload attachments.



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This is on my list of questions from the sales team as well. 
Anyone heard anything back on this?