Allow agency employees to set up features without the need for the specific (Sales/Service) license



As a agency employee I wanted to set up a deal based workflow for one of our customers. Unfortunally I need to occupy a Sales Professional seat to be able to do that.


I would like to be able to set up these kind of tasks/features as an agency without the need for the appropriate license. Otherwise it's hard to deliver our services and it feels rather odd to demand a Sales Starter or Pro seat of our customers just to be able to do this...


This goes for any feature that is available in the clients portal for Sales and Service Hub:

Deal based workflows

Quote based workflows

Ticket based workflows





Anything should be managable for agency employees so they can provide their services in HubSpot.

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As an agency setting up HubSpot Sales Pro for our customers I need access to set up all the functionalities in HubSpot Sales Pro (messages, templates, sequences, documents and workflows connected to the sales process). This is not the case today and makes it hard for me to help our customers on this journey, 


I suggest a possible admin setting in HubSpot Sales Pro for agencies. 

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It's super easy to get past this problem...

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