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Allow advanced filter logic with parentheses for lists and workflows

We often have very advanced filters for lists and workflows, and it is cumbersome to continuously clone to create every possible "or" statement.


Instead, it would be helpful if we could use logic like "1 and (2 or (3 and 4)) and (5 or 6)" to build lists and workflows. This is how it's done in Marketo and Salesforce and it is much more sustainable. That logic statement would be a nightmare to build out in HubSpot.



Has visited a key web page


has a score of 25 OR both a behavior score of 10 AND a demographic score of 10


has no recent activity OR has no account exec assigned

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Agreed. I need to modify a simple workflow that is

A and B and C


A and B and (C or D or E)

but there doesn't seem to be a way. It looks like all I can do is

(A and B and C) or (A and B and D) or (A and B and E)

Which is very bulky and inefficient.


Yes! 100% agreed. I would kindly request the ability to write out the logic with parentheses and AND, OR logic, similar to how other platforms like SFDC allow you to! 

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I agree. This is a desperate need. The entire point of using personas is to be able to segement your audience using very specific sets of criteria in order to deliver a highly personalized message. This is currently impossible to achieve in the HubSpot platform without it being significantly cumbersome. I intentionally keep smart list filters way more simplistic than I'd like becuase that's the only way to really make sense of what each list is trying to accomplish and to avoid unintended consequences.


Yes, this is a big pain in the A. Why has'nt someone from HubSpot chimed in ? all they would have to do is allow Logical groupings with parentheses. 

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I also agree. This would be incredibly useful!

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I would suggest using lists for each bracket which contains similar operators . 

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I also agree.


Don't understand how I'm force to choose criteria A, B, C, D, E, F, and also G, but sometimes the value for G is blank, so I'm force to create criter where A, B, C, D, E, F are TRUE OR A, B, C, D, E, F are TRUE AND G is True.


Something so basic...any developer should understand the need for bolean logic instead of forcing us into a simple OR ( AND( nest as they have done 



I had a call with support around a workflow issue and they said "wow you have a lot of triggers" I replied saying because you don't have decent and/or logic and the response I got was "fair enough". 


Can't stress enough how important this is. Going from systems that had this ability it's been frustrating to deal with.


Yes, it's unbelievable that such a basic and necessary feature does not exist yet. The triggers look overwhelming like this, and it's a lot more work to do it this way.


I think this should be prioritised, they have other features that are nice but a lot less essential.


Just want to add visibility to this request. 


As a new HubSpot user with experince in Pardot, and Marketo, I am VERY suprised that such simple functionality doesn't exist in HubSpot.  We're going to be scaling up segmentation and work flows and I now see that with HubSpot it's going to be way more work than I was expecting. At some point I'm going to have to make a reccomendation to my Director about whether to keep HubSpot or move to a more robust tool as we grow...and seeing something like this lacking is very concerning for me.


New Hubspot user here and I'm shocked by this logic limitation. I shouldn't have go around creating lists to support basic audience logic. 


After using Marketo for many years.... I am crying that we cant do advanced logic 😭


I've used Salesforce in the past and it has this feature. Its a shame because segmenting persona is a fundamental element of 'marketing'; and HubSpot prides itself as the marketing CRM.


Concerning its been 3 years since the origin of this post and no response from HS. Also, I do know they are upgrading their system that powers list logic and segmentation but not certain if this will include advance filters that's much needed.


This is standard functionality in other MAP and CRM products. Must have for advanced users in Hubspot.


Great point. Not being able to run AND OR options in the same list makes it messy. Would be useful to have the lists interchangeable like this.