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Allow admins to turn off notifications for users

At the moment, the default setting on notifications is that users get all notifications. This causes a lot of frustration as all users then get email notifications for unassigned conversations and this can only be turned off on a user level. 


It would make managing portal adoption much easier if admins could turn these notifications off for users, or if the default on unassigned elements was off and users would have to turn them on as part of onboarding. 

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This would be great, the other aspect of this would be set up notifications by team (and force them on or off).

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@Jon-RevenueOps yes! That's a great idea, team-based notification settings would make this much easier too. 

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Hi @Shiran,


This is already possible 🙂


If this answers your question, let me know. @kvlschaefer could then maybe convert this request into a regular thread so it's more easy to find for other users.


Best regards!