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Allow admins to overwrite page layout settings

I have had a couple of occasions now where after making a change to the default fields shown on a Deal, or updating the order of these fields, does not apply to all of my users in Hubspot. A few of them will continue to see things the way it was before.


After speaking with Hubspot Support it seems that the reason is because these users have made changes to their own personal page layout settings (adding a field or reorganising on their own).


As an admin I would like the ability to overwrite these individual user's layouts and push my own changes to every user regardless of what changes they've made on their own. It is very time intensive to check with each user to see if they all see the changes I have made, and if not get them to change it on their own... Something as simple as a checkbox when making the change which states "Overwrite individual settings?" would be a great fix.

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Yes, please! I'm surprised this doesnt have more upvotes.