Allow admins to edit user names


It is inconceivable to me that super admins cannot edit user first and last names on the user administration screen. Users often use all lower or all upper case characters, or they make typos. Rather than having to reach out to walk them through editing their first last name, Admins should be allowed to do this, in addition to modifying their user photo. This simply streamlines the support process. This would be a very easy change to implement and would be greatly appreciated.

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We have users with all upper and lower case characters for their first/last name and also mispelled names. I spent half hour trying to find a way to edit the names only to find out only the user can. This should be an easy fix/persmission granted to super admins. 

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This is neccessary to keep workers focused on work and allow Admins to make changes without relying on other. 


Yes, completely agree. Admin should be able to change the display name of any user.


Totally agree, this is a functionality that would help admins to manage properly how the users write their names and surnames. In my case, we use the name to put in the first place the acronym of the team he/she belongs.


Still a bit crazy to me that this isn't a function haha but really hoping they add this soon. Not being able to add names messes up any sort of reporting where someone hasn't fixed this on their own.


Completely agree with this. To be a super admin but not able to make edits to a username or user's email address is crazy.


This is key to allow the setup of a new system and linking deals, companies and people to the User Name instead of an email prior to inviting the users.