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Allow admins to control settings and defaults for other users

Unless I'm very much mistaken, the only way for HubSpot administrators / partners to configure things like sales email signatures / meeting links / chat availability or edit profiles of other sales users is by logging in to each individual's account independently.


This is a really cumbersome process, first having to obtain login details for X number of users, and then log in to each account and configure each setting accordingly.


It would be great if this could all be managed from an administrator / partner account. For example, create a bulk-standard thirty minute meeting link that with availability between 9am and 5:30pm, and make that available to every sales user in X team. Or, design one email signature and roll that out to every user (or a specific team), using personalisation tokens to update the custom details.

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Completely agree. Admins/Partners need to be able to configure all the settings for users. Whether we like it or not, some users don't have the nous to configure this stuff themselves.


This is absolutely necessary, there was a similar idea raised some time ago here: 

I hope we can make it happen!


Yes! I've been looking for a way to do this for a long time. This would make things so much easier when working on sales projects for clients!


Totally agree.  Especially needed to adjust the names.  Some of our users forgot to add their names properly and are known by their email addresses.  I can't even fix that.


Yes, this is really necessary. I also want to be able to set the user's schedule (days/times that they work).