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Allow action in workflow to "uncheck" a property value

Within workflows you can "set" a property value by making that the completely new property or appending the property which is wonderful.  However, I need to be able to "unset" a property value.  For example, I want to use the workflow in an example such as this

For property X, there are 4 options, with a multi select check box.  






In this example, let's say the current value is set where only A is checked.  In the workflow, I want to adjust this property so that now B and C are checked (set) but also to "uncheck" A.  So remove A and check B and C instead.    


In my case I have 8-10 optional answers and the right solution is a combination of those 8-10 that vary for each company.  So "appending" to check a new field is wonderful, but also being able to say at the field level to no longer check a box.  It is not feasible or practical to "clear them all" as it is a combination of criteria that establish the settings per company. It needs to be small on's and off's within the property values.  I can get it down to when X happens ADD a check to Y field, but I can't get it to then remove the check from Z field.