Allow access to the Advanced Menu Markup so we can edit the output structure of the Advanced Menu.

There have been many discussions on the Developer Slack about being able to clone the Advanced Menu Module and being able to edit the loop of the menu so we can create more advanced structuring and styling of the menus. 


It would be nice if we could do this similar to how we can manipulate the output of the search results module. 


hubspot-search-results-edit-module.jpgHubSpot's Search Module when you choose to edit. A breakdown like this would help us create some truly amazing menus.

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this would be amazing!


HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: In Planning

The menu HubL function should solve your needs here:


We are working on updating the Menu module to use this new function, rather than the Menu HubL tag which should make cloning the default module a great starting point for building your own menu module!