Allow access to specific Meeting information (eg date, organizer)

Hi there, I'm trying to access meeting information such as the meeting date and the meeting's organizer and use them in contact/company/deal properties.


1) What is your current goal and what is the roadblock that is stopping you from carrying it out?  My goal is to use the meeting date and organizer within a booked meeting in contact, company, and deal properties. The ultimate goal is to automate the manual effort of my sales team copying information from a meeting to properties. The roadblock is that Hubspot doesn't allow access that information. I can report on some of this information in dashboards, but not extract it from the Meeting.


2) What is your proposed solution and how would it add value to the tool? My proposed solution is to just plainly allow access to it within workflows. For example, within a workflow copy the meeting's date to a custom date property. Another example within a workflow is to assign the meeting's organizer as the contact/company/deal owner because currently the meeting doesn't set the owner if the contact is owned already. The value is automation and overall usability. To use any of this data now, an employee needs to copy or set properties manually because it is locked away in the meetings tool.


3) Do you have any examples of other software apps that have this functionality? Yes. I performed a test with Calendy + Hubspot via Zapier. I was able to copy the meeting date to a custom date property and it worked perfectly.


4) What package are you currently on? Enterprise Sales & Marketing. 

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