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Allow a maximum number of meetings per day


It would be great to allow a maximum number of meetings to be booked per day. That way there isn't one day with an incredible number of meetings and another day with none. Say the maximum is five per day, then after five meetings through HubSpot are booked, the day would become unavailable. There could also be a choice of whether this affects already scheduled events (non-HubSpot meetings) so say either five HubSpot meetings or five meetings total.

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November 10, 2020 02:01 PM

November 10, 2020 02:00 PM

Hi Community,


To increase traction and visibility for this problem, I've merged 2 similar issues together. mbambach's similar post can be seen in the comments. We are following this post, but at this moment there are no development plans.




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100% agree

We also need this functionality, we currently have it with appointlet. What is the best way to raise the priority of this request? 


This is definitely needed and is very basic. Calendly makes it so simple. Moved across to HubSpot thinking it would be a straight swap but the calendar functionality is actually very poor. Beyond this for example, you can't even give a full description of what meeting someone is signing up to with you.


You want to make yourself available to your customers but at the same time, you also need time in the day to take actions off of calls which will benefit them. Please let us protect our time whilst still offering meeting HubSpot


We have a different use case for this feature: 
We would like to offer only a limited number of face-to-face Teams meetings (technical assessments) for a trade fair promotion. It would also be best to have an indicator like "only 3 of 10 left to book" or similar.


This is a must for us and is forcing us to keep using Calendly, which is good but we'd much prefer to use a single solution. Hubspot has some good core functionality and works well for that but the "other" things that make you think you can replace other systems have annoyances and quirks. Without being able to limit max number of events per day, you end up with some days that are over the top and others that have not enough action. For example, a rep can realistically only have so many meetings a day and still provide quality.


Calendly doesn't allow max overall books per day so they're not perfect either but having a max bookings per event type per day is extremely helpful.

Hi I just want some clarification on this email..

Does it mean that someone of my client tried to do a meeting with me?

Im new to this.



Would love this, as well as being able to set a maximum per week too! It can't be that hard to implement can it?!


Please, please, please add this feature! Manually blocking off my calendar is confusing for my teammates when they want to schedule meetings and inconvenient for working across timezones where I have to provide availability throughout the day.


Might I suggest you tweet @hubSpotDev, @hubspot, and @HubSpotSupport on Twitter... I've done this as well as posted it here. Perhaps if enough of us do this, they'll hear 👂🏻 us. I've spoken to several people at HubSpot who also want this feature, and they've not been able to get it done. I'm thinking that HubSpot is working on this behind the scenes, and what they release will rock...but it would be nice to know that this is indeed happening!