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Allow Workflows to specify deal properties

Right now Workflows can only be used to create a deal with limited options i.e. name/close date/amount.


As such, when our customers fill up a sign up form, we aren't able to populate new deals with any information that relates to the sign up. This can only be done at the contact level. This is important to us because we need to track various properties at the deal level.


We'd like for workflows to be able to have an option to 'specify deal property' or have additional fields upon creating a deal. 

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September 11, 2018 07:42 AM

Deal-based workflows have now been released out of beta and are available to all Sales Pro and Sales Enterprise portals. 

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May 11, 2018 01:11 PM

Deal-based workflows are now in beta. If you'd like access, you can email me with your Hub ID at  

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September 20, 2017 02:11 PM

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I completely agree. This is an essential functionality! 


I think there is a way to do this using a combination of workflows, Hubspot Webhooks, and Zapier (to make API calls to Hubspot).  Essentially set up a Hubspot webhook to trigger on a field change, have Zapier catch that webhook (to get the dealId), and then have Zapier do a GET API call to get all of the details for the deal on which the property changed.  You can then use those details to make another API call to Hubspot to update the contact associated with the deal with data from the deal.  Optionally/alternatively, If you make all of the above kick off as part of a HubSpot workflow (using the call webhook action) you could then do other things as well as part of the process.


In any case I agree there must be a better way to do this.  In my particular case I am trying to send internal email notifications when the close date on a deal has passed.  

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Thanks for voting for this idea! If this is something you would benefit from, please comment here with information on how you'd like to use it or email me directly at


I have a product. 


A customer fills out a form to show if they are interested in the big, medium or small size option. You would naturally think this would be able to be shown in the "new deal" as "ie. big".


Nope... only a sales rep can input that information into the deal properties.


Where this all breaks down is when a customer comes back frequently to fill out this deal property related data.


This is CRM basics. Let's get this fixed, please. 

And as a bolt on... it would also be nice to be able to move records thru deal stages by the customer's actions then natively inside of the HubSpot workflow tool.


It makes it even more difficult to find a workaround using Hubspot API and Zapier due to the way the closedate field stores vs. displays dates (and the difference between a datetime field and date picker.  It shoudn't be this difficult! I am close to a working solution but it involves Zapier and custom code actions to determine the number of hours difference between local and UTC time and then subtracting the appropriate number of milliseconds to ensure you are always populating the custom (deal) date field with a unix timestamp that is at midnight. 


I would also appreciate this option. I ran into this issue just today. I was told it is in the works but nothing happening just yet. Can not wait until it is rolled out. 



Yes - the workflow tool in relation to deals needs to be able to work like a scheduler in many ways.  We need to be able to specify criteria like (for example) if Renewal date is less than 15 days from today (a value that changes every day) then send the internal email notification to the deal's owner.  Basing everything on contacts does not make sense really.   Alternatively you could say it as for example "15 days prior to the Renewal Date send Renewal Date Notification to the Hubspot Deal Owner."  Or "if the deal close date is in the past then send expired close date notification to the Husbpot Deal Owner."  These are just a few examples to illustrate the functionality I think is badly needed.


Our org would definitely use this feature if it was made available. Please do it!


Right now we have a workflow to check if a form submitter already has a Salesforce Contact, if they're in SF, it creates a new Deal (Opportunity in Salesforce), if they're not in SF it creates a Lead. Problem we have right now is, if the person has a Contact and a Deal is created, there is no way to get the "Message" field of the Form to populate the Deal Description. The "Message" field populates the Lead Description just fine, just need a way to be able to populate the the Deal Description property from the workflow.


Saganator - you should be able to do this with Zapier.  I was able to get close date and renewal notifications sent our using a combination of a Hubspot webhooks subscription that calls Zapier when a field on a particular deal changes, then using a series of Zaps that include API calls to Hubspot to get the deal information, and google calendar Zaps to set 5 min "events" before the date in question (close date or renewal date). 



We really need to be able to use deal fields in workflows. Please implement this.


This is a function that is essential for lead reporting and lead management.... I can't believe a solution like HubSpot is missing this...




Please, please, please, when you work on this feature, take a holistic approach to it so you do it first time right. Setting deal values with workflow may mean multiple things. In instance, I believe here you should bring deal object flexibility with workflows to the level of the contact object. That means:

1/ Create Action "Set Deal Property Value"

2/ Create Action "Copy Deal Property Value"

3/ Create Action "Clear Deal Property Value"

4/ Create Action "Increase Deal Property Value"




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Me too.  I'd like to be able to set contract expiration dates and renewal dates automatically, a certain number of days out from the create date


want it !!


I think this makes a lot of sense...I too would like to be able to have a workflow trigger a deal record to be reassigned to a different HubSpot owner if/when certain criteria are met (or are not achieved).


In my case, I've learned that some of my sales team isn't following a predetermined sales process.  In this case, I'd like to be able to have a workflow that reassigns the deal record to a different sales rep.


This kills me not having the functionality. Ideally, we should be able to run companies and deals through workflows just like we do with contacts which then allows us to set deal properties with workflows.


I alone waste 10 hours per month because the tool cannot do this. 


Is this happening? Would be a major thing for us! Especially for setting the Deal source. Thanks 🙂


I would love to hear from HubSpot if this is being considered. It seems like there is no reason to not allow us to set properties for a deal record on deal creation. Right now we can only set owner/close date/name/stage. This wouldn't be hard to roll out options for all field and add them to the "Create Deal" workflow process. More complex deal automation could get very hairly since contacts can have multiple deals, but why not let us set the properties on deal creation. 


We need this to set the source for the deal. Right now we have to use Zapier to make this happen. 


Very important!!!

Through workflow you should be able to have a function "Duplicate Deal" with the opportunity to assign it to a new Pipeline.



We're trying to move a contact property (use case) over to a deal property field. With thousands of deals in our system to update, I do not want to do it manually. Even better would be the ability to bulk edit deal properties from a filtered contacts search.