Allow Workflows to specify deal properties

Right now Workflows can only be used to create a deal with limited options i.e. name/close date/amount.


As such, when our customers fill up a sign up form, we aren't able to populate new deals with any information that relates to the sign up. This can only be done at the contact level. This is important to us because we need to track various properties at the deal level.


We'd like for workflows to be able to have an option to 'specify deal property' or have additional fields upon creating a deal. 

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@Eleven11 I agree, I this would definately be a challenge with trying to update properties across contacts and companies. It's possible you could subfilters that would include or exclude deals or just update all. And vise versa, if triggered of a deal property change include or exclude contacts based on criteria.


For me, I would also like to see workflows be able to update deal properties based on triggers within that same deal. 

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This is a must have!

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This would be hugely useful, it'll save so much operational effort...

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The only solution to this that I've found is very technically difficult (webhooks, apis, and zapier). This feature would be huge for many, many usecases.

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This is now supported by the workflow tool:


Note you only seem to be able to copy contact details (not company details) - so if you need to capture company details you should include a step in the workflow to first copy the company details to the contact details then create the deal.

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This is a critical functionality currently missing from Workflows. Need the ability to create, edit, update deal properties based on triggered actions. 



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We need to be able to update existing deal's properties... c'mon HubSpot - let's go.

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We need to be able to update deal's properties, i don't want other tool or python codes.

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This is something we really, really need right now.

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Yes! Please add this feature soon.