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Allow Workflows to specify deal properties

Right now Workflows can only be used to create a deal with limited options i.e. name/close date/amount.


As such, when our customers fill up a sign up form, we aren't able to populate new deals with any information that relates to the sign up. This can only be done at the contact level. This is important to us because we need to track various properties at the deal level.


We'd like for workflows to be able to have an option to 'specify deal property' or have additional fields upon creating a deal. 

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Are there any news about this? Would be very important for us. 


Upvote!  This would be very useful to have workflows that are able to change deal properties


Upvote!  I run a training program and students can apply to start on different dates and with different areas of concentration. When they apply, they become a contact in our system, and I then automatically create them as a deal in our interview pipeline.   


I then want to be able to filter the deals by a few key properties (e.g. start date or area of concentration), but those properties live in the contact record, not the deal record.   


I'd love the create custom deal properties for start date and area of concentration, and then use a workflow to duplicate the values from the contact record into the deal record.  


Any news on when this feature may be implemented? 


Update from our end. We are on the beta test for using workflows to udpate more deal properties, specifically copying from a contact. However, the caveat is you need to transition to creating deals using workflows (we don't currently do that). Only then can you copy contact properties to the deal simultaneously. 


It's a huge improvement already, but needs to be taken one more step and not require deals be created using the same workflow.

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I'd love to use workflows to be able to update deal properties like I can update contact properties


Here's one more use case I ran into:


We ran a client's Salesforce/Hubspot integration.  In Salesforce the sales team had a property for Total Amount which was adding up multiple revenue properties (Hubspot being able to calculate properties is for another thread).  In Hubspot, the BD team was using the native "Amount" property.  Maybe Amount and Total Amount should have been mapped to each other, but they weren't and now that the integration is off and they've moved away from Salesforce complete, we have two total amount properties: SF Total Amount and Hubspot Amonut.


If I could copy a deal property to another deal property, I could copy SF's total amount to Hubspot's amount and be done with it.  Instead, we have to manually go into hundreds of deals and cut and paste so that we can delete the SF Total Amount property and standardize Hubspot's Amount property in our process.


TL;DR - I want to use a workflow to copy one deal property into another deal property, but can't, so here goes manual data entry.


I'm really interested in this as well. Would allow me to drop a piece of catering software. 


Completely agree - we need the "Set deal property" option in the workflow to be able to write to our custom fields. 

I don't even see the point of having custom fields if workflows can't write to them. 


I STRONGLY support this. We work through a channel and rely on workflows syncing to deal stages. 


It takes a ton of admin hours to update the deal names which is super frustrating!


Please add this, it would be a huge help.


It would be very useful to have Deal workflows include the ability to not just create a deal, but to update existing deals via workflows, and delete Deals via workflows.

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Just like Contacts, you should be able to run Deals through a workflow to update properties. There are time you may want to automate setting a property vs relying on a sales rep to do it manually. For instance setting a date property when a contact enters a particular deal stage.

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Hi @dtwing1

I would recommend voting for this idea on the Community which discusses this feature request:


 I am still migrating data on the sales side, while marketing is up and running. 


There are several data issues from import I could have fixed if I could update deal properties via workflows.


This is an important feature to mature the CRM side of the product.


Absolutely vital and urgent to have this feature available. Help us out, HubSpot!


Please add this, I went to build a workflow assuming this was possible or at the least I could copy contact properties into deal properties but alas you cannot do that. Such a bummer. 


I agree @awatling I wish we could update deal properties like owners, pipeline stages, and amounts using automation.


 We need this +1

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This is now available. At least now when you create a deal using a workflow you can set other deal properties (FINALLY!) and you can also COPY contact properties to a deal property. 


@Eleven11 unfortunately we don't use workflows to create deals.

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@hansenhunt I think the challenge with using workflows to edit deal properties after a deal is created is that there could be multiple deals. There isn't a reliable way for the workflow to know which deal record to update and which ones not to update. A contact may be 3 open deals.