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Allow Workflows to create company level tasks & deals



As a B2B company, our sales our usually to companies with many contacts.

As such, a lot of the times our automations need to occur at the company level, not the contact level. 


Whether that is deal creation (for renewal sales) or contacting people on a particular list, we would like to be able to create those at a company level.


So for a new deal, it would create a new deal based on a company's properties OR for a new task, it would create a new task based on a company's properties.


This would be extremely valuable for the users with complex B2B sales with multiple contacts per company.



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December 06, 2018 11:26 AM

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September 11, 2018 07:53 AM

Company-based workflows are now in beta. If you'd like to gain access to the beta, please email me at 

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Thanks Drew, same here - we have dates specific to companies, such as when they plan to move offices - there would be no point calling all 5 or 6 contacts at a company as part of the workflow, rather it should have an option to just add a follow up task to the company, and we can select the contact that will be most relevant.


Thanks for submitting, great idea. We are facing something similar. In a workflow we have auto deal creation. sometimes we get more than 300 companies enrolled. and for each employee we get a deal created.

Hope this gets some more love from the DEV team. (Thumbs-up)




Similar idea here:  we're looking to incrementally update a custom score for a company when a particular company property is above a threshold.  Currently, the company score gets updated for every contact in that company, instead of once per company.


Agreed. Workflows need to apply to Companies and Deals without any Contact involvement.


For example, we want any Company that has a open Deal to move from "Target" to "Prospect" as a company type. I run the workflow and Hubspot ignores any companies that have deals without an associated contact. We want this company stage to change regardless of whether the deal has an associated contact or not.


Seems all workflows are tied to a Contact, which is not ideal.


 We really need this in order to effectively manage customers on an account level. This would save us a tremendous amount of time and make Hubspot a lot more valuable as a solution for our company.


We also need this very much. We have some custom Status properties for Companys that need to be automatically changed when they are created, or when they reach certain deal stage. Please add this functionality, so we have the possibility to add Companies and not just Contacts to the workflows.


+1 to this.


90% of all our sales come from companies with multiple contacts in them and generally

  1. Companies with multiple contacts have one main point of contact AND
  2. Companies with multiple contacts have employee turnovers.

I don't understand why HubSpot don't have this feature implemented unless they think the majority of HubSpot clients only deal with companies with 1-5 employees.


For companies with 1-5 employees, creating workflows for them is okay.

However, when you're dealing with companies with 10, 50, 100 or 10,000 employees, creating workflows on a contact level is not that useful.


This seems like a no-brainer and I'm surprised it doesn't already exist. For us, the company most often what we work with since the clients we deal with experience a great deal of turnover. Any ETA on when this may be available?


The ability to perform company-level workflows is critical to executing our ABM strategy in Hubspot. This would be a really great feature to add. Thanks

HubSpot Product Team

Company-based workflows are now in beta. If you'd like to gain access to the beta, please email me at 

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Contributor | Elite Partner

Will you be adding If/Then function to Company workflows? 



HubSpot Product Team

Same here, we are B2B company as well.

It would be great if it is possbile to auto-create a task via workflow and define not only a contact, but deal & companies as well.