Allow Workflows and lists to read Salesforce campaign member status

Add a filter for Salesforce campaign member status within a Workflow or List.

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Agreed.  We are currently creating active lists based on the "Salesforce Campaign ID's" contact property.  It would be useful to be able to select a campaign AND it's status.

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Agreed. This will be useful for scoring as well. Different campaign member statuses could have different coring points.

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Yes please!  This is something we need.  Hubspot, are you listening?  :-)


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Also being able to set the campaign member status when you have an SFDC camapign selected on a form!

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This would be very helpful when creating followup based on their status in the campaign. If their status is registered we can send them one email, and if it's attended they can get a different one. 

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Oh my gosh yes! Why can't we use campaign member status in any place?? So many potential problems this could fix. 

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Any update on this? We need this!

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Yes I give this 10,000 upvotes!! 

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Yes, this is a must have!  

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Yes! We really need this.