Allow Workflows and lists to read Salesforce campaign member status


Add a filter for Salesforce campaign member status within a Workflow or List.

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This is a very important feature for us, our team wants to score leads based on the campaign member status which isn't possible at the moment. 

Is there any update on this? Is the feature even being considered?


This is really important for us when it comes to offline events and conferences.

Status updated to: Idea Submitted
HubSpot Product Team

Hi there, 


We definitely see the value in syncing 'Campaign Status' from Salesforce to HubSpot. This isn't something we are actively working right now but we are starting to think about how this could sync with HubSpot campaigns. 


We will update this post when we have more information on this idea.





Please add this. We're running a campaign where we need to track responses (another feature I've upvoted because it doesn't exist) and our workaround was going to be checking campaign status. We just realized you don't have that functionality and now we're going to have to create a new property with a very manual updating process. Kind of negates the point of a marketing automation system.


Brand new HubSpot user and extremely dissapointed this isn't a feature. Any update on where this sits on the product roadmap?



Hubspot should have a trigger option on workflows that would allow us to add automatically a contact based on a specific SF campaign and member status. This will reduce for sure manual work for everyone.

HubSpot Employee

The workflow step would have to look at the Salesforce Campaign ID in conjunction with the member status for that particular campaign. Since it is difficult to sync the Salesforce campaign member status because the same contact could be member of multiple campaigns at once and have in each campaign a different member status, having a workflow action that was able to match a campaign ID to the status for that campaign, would be a great workaround to be able to  segment contacts.


This is a must!