Allow Workflows and lists to read Salesforce campaign member status

Add a filter for Salesforce campaign member status within a Workflow or List.

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This is disappointing this isn't available and frankly stupid. How are we supposed to manage simple things like processing webinar or event registrations?

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This would be a wonderful addition. Something Marketo offers that is really valuable. Not every campaign member status can update an actual contact property nor should it. Knowing status X in campaign Y for filtering would be huge!

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Can you provide an update on whether any progress been made? As Jervin mentioned, it is a pretty basic functionality that should already be offered within HubSpot.

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This is standard in Marketo and is very important for a platform that syncs with Salesforce.

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Yea, Salesforce is defniitely a second class citizen inside HubSpot. Not sure if that is because they want to push people towards their sales solution or what. We ended up doing a custom integration through LytonWeb to bring in the Campaign Member + Campaign level detail into HubSpot. Works great now. Wish it was native.


Yes, this seems like a basic functionality that would be included with filtering SFDC campaigns in general. Being able to tell if someone is just part of a campaign is almost useless without being able to specify a status, especially for workflows and follow up actions!

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Agree - crazy that we can't do this. 

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This would be incredibly Useful!

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How HS has let this go by for this long I don't know. It's a basic feature, please add this.

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Definitely need this. I would imagine it should work similar to using a workflow to send a contact to a SFDC campaign: select campaign, then select from the available status options.