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Allow Vidyard Video Tracking on Emails Sent Through HubSpot

We subscribe to the subscription Vidyard service. It just makes sense, since it's the native video platform within HubSpot. One of the main reasons to pay for Vidyard is so we can have tracking data in HubSpot to use with workflows, reporting, etc.


Right now the only way our sales team can track video views is if they send through Outlook (or gmail). This is a way less efficient method when prospecting than being able to use a task queue and send sales emails directly through HubSpot on the contact page.


I know the tracking technology exists, because it works through our email platform. What will it take to get this feature enabled in HubSpot? I have heard from multiple members of Vidyard that they have built the technology, and are simply waiting for HubSpot to implement it on your end.


It also sounds like many people are waiting for this feature. Please make this happen ASAP. HubSpot has already incorporated Vidyard as the native video platform, this is just one last step to full integration.

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I think this is a brilliant idea! Being able to see the video data straight from a hubspot video would be ideal. 


Salesloft and Outreach do this automatically.




Great idea!


Agreed, very timely as lots of teams and agencies have widely adopted Vidyard & HubSpot Video..


It's absolutely infuriating that this is not already built into the platform and it seems like a MASSIVE oversight  to me. This is in Hubspot's court  apparently and it needs to be addressed ASAP. My team went with Vidyard because it's the native video playform in Hubspot and we expected since it works with Hubspot it would track videos sent through hubspot. Apparently it ONLY tracks videos sent elsewhere and WONT track videos sent through Hubspot. 

Please please please fix this yesterday. I'm sure I'll just be talking to the wind because this post has sat here for 1 year and 4 months with NO activity or response from Hubspot indicating its a priority.