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Allow Updates on Original Source Drill-Down Fields

We have multiple cases for needing to update values for "Original Source Drill-Down 1" and "Original Source Drill-Down 2." The cases run from non-specific values from API integrations to UTM_Campaign value updates for Google Ad campaigns. 


I understand that this value is originally set by Hubspot, but I don't understand why they don't allow admin's manually update values after. This inability is impacting our data and reports in hubspot, our CRM, and our external reporting tools. It is very frustrating that we cannot clean up our own data.

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December 15, 2021 05:42 PM

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It's difficult to track the actual source that convinced a contact to convert or complete a form. The original source does not reflect the most recent ad campaign or source that was actually related to this occurance. It would be nice if another property field was created to reference the most recent campaign used. So creating a field that is updated to represent the true value of what original source drill down 2 should be. The content should be the most recent conversion event..


In the odd instance manually noting an incorrect UTM field is fine but if you have many external partners using UTM codes you've provided - like us - then mistakes are likely to be happening all the time. It make reporting an absolute nightmare too.


There has to be a way to manually correct Drill-down's as HubSpot calls them as making notes on errors isn't sustainable or scalable in the long run.



In all seriousness, how is this still a limitation?

I can understand how people "outgrow" HubSpot as a CRM, but keep it as a MAP, but I don't see how you could effectively scale lead acquisition activities without this ability. 🙄


Absolutely required - clearly they're not "read-only" as they can be erased (by editing Original Source) - so at least let us correct them properly.

I now have incorrect capture of data in drilldown 1 which will rear its ugly head for MONTHS in report until the period simply falls off charts - unless I make some single-use custom field + workflows to populate it and train everyone to use this duplicate field instead. The thought of managing that going forwards makes me want to hang myself.


PS: SERIOUSLY labour intensive but I suspect you actually can correct this issue by creating duplicate contacts with correct values using the Forms API and then MERGING them - but it will take tooling and manual work.


Totally do NOT understand why these fields are not editable.  Huge fail on behalf of Hubspot which claims to be great for tracking ROI efforts.  How can this even be reliable if we can't fix/update these fields when incorrect data is input?  My only work around I can think of is to create my own drill down fields and use those - not sure how that would impact any other reports though.   



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The biggest issue with the Original/Latest Source drill-down 1 & 2 is that they're not editable (read only) but are reset when the Original/Latest Source is modified (which makes sense in certain use cases). However, if you modify (by mistake or not) the Original/Latest Source you lose the data in the drill-downs and even though these remain in the property history, you cannot restore them anymore... Is there a way to modify these via API maybe?

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For proper tracking this is crucial. Please update!


This is also a serious limitation for us. We have automation running which is correcting these field's values, but we only realized that we could not update their content when all the work was done. Seems crazy this isn't editable, whereas you can set the original source via API.


Agree to the above! This needs to implemented ASAP! Makes it impossible to track our marketing.


We've run into this too as UTM codes were incorrectly created and now have varied versions of the same source that should be listed under 1. It would be amazing to see source/medium detail for specific forms without creating hidden properties that may or may not pull in the UTM information reliably. For instance, returning customers requesting a reminder for a digital event - would be great to know which users came from which channels and look back a year later and see that information has retained its integrity.


The latest source properties (incl. drill downs and date) are absolutely redundant if they're not reliable (which is unfortunately the case).

It is an absolute nuiscance (and makes no sense at all) that the latest source properties (incl. drill downs and date) are only automatically updated for certain data entry points (e.g. HS forms), however the first entry is made no matter where the data is coming from (e.g. integrations/interfaces) - which proves HS is well capable to read and populate the information in the properties.


It would be ok if we at least had the option to set the drill downs ourselves - but no....


Please change this either way (automatically set updated for all data entries or allow us to set it ourselves via API and workflows) ASAP. 




I so want to clean up my sources; there has not been a structure from the start or too many people have been involved in for instance importing contact lists and a lot of contacts now have stupid drill-down 2 values :| and I think I should be allowed to own and do as I please with my data!

I tried updating through custom code, thinking that even if the property is greyed out in workflows I might be able to circumvent that by updating using the api, but I got an error saying it is a read-only field.

I'm thinking part of the problem is that Import drill down 2's have both a display name and an id#? So even if I am consistent in using the same name for my import files, I can't filter on the name to aggregate on contacts from the same source that have been imported on separate occasions because they will have different id's. So the question is if the import id# could be a separate field to keep track of the different imports, and that the drill down 2 is a name only field that can be re-used to aggregate source data.


Use case 1: my very first contacts in HubSpot were imported from our old CRM in a file called "test contacts"; this is now their forever-drill-down-2. Their value should be the name of our old CRM.

Use case 2: At an event/trade show my sales reps might scan business cards, or enter contact details into HubSpot manually on their mobile apps or on desktop, and afterwards we import a list of everyone we met. Sometimes I get an additional list of contacts to import later. These will now all have different sources, when they really should all have the name of the trade show as their source - I am not interested in the technique used to get them into HubSpot; I want to know which source to attribute the revenue from these contacts to so I can correctly allocate the event budget for next year.


+1 - Much needed feature