Allow Super Admins to "Impersonate" other users (or log-in as them)

Haven't seen this setting - if it exists, feel free to jump in!


As a super admin - I would like the ability to log-in as or impersonate other users. This would allow me to diagnose issues and ensure settings are correct more easily.


For example - changing the bcc email address for one user - I could log into the others accounts and change that for all rather than 1) having all their passwords 2) going over to their computers to change it for them or 3) relying on them to change it themselves.


Our CMS has this feature and our CRM (Sugar CRM) has this feature and it is very useful.

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Desperately need this. I need to log in as a Sales Pro user and make some email templates public and I cannot login as the user. I would also like the ability for the Super Admin to be able to reset the password (not send a notification to the user of a password reset) so that the super admin can log in immediately to the account instead of having to ask the sales pro user for their password.

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Can you move this post? 

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is there any update re this? feature?

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This would solve several issues for me. Please do this!

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Critical need for this, especially as not all users on the platform are comfortable with I would suggest as a next upgrade to allow SuperAdmins to do some of this set up themselves, as some folks 'technical chops' just don't align with that type of set addition, it doesn't facilitate corporate standardization throughout the platform of things like signatures, etc.

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Agreed! This functionality would be very helpful. 

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As a former Salessforce Certified Admin this was one of the most valuable functionalities an Admin needs. HubSpot Admins have to have Login In As User permission either as a default in the setup or with permission granted by the User. 

HubSpot Support has this functionality; Super Admins should have it too. Or create another level of Admin.

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let's make this happen! would be good for changing profile images, names, etc of other users who forgot to do it