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Allow Super Admins to "Impersonate" other users (or log-in as them)

Haven't seen this setting - if it exists, feel free to jump in!


As a super admin - I would like the ability to log-in as or impersonate other users. This would allow me to diagnose issues and ensure settings are correct more easily.


For example - changing the bcc email address for one user - I could log into the others accounts and change that for all rather than 1) having all their passwords 2) going over to their computers to change it for them or 3) relying on them to change it themselves.


Our CMS has this feature and our CRM (Sugar CRM) has this feature and it is very useful.

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Yes! Please! I am a former admin on and having the ability to login as another user was invaluable because I could fix most issues they were experiencing or setup a customer report for them very easily.


Good afternoon all,


This idea is great!


I am an administrator and when logging onto other users to make changes to their profiles - add e-mail signatures, connect phone numbers, update views etc the system does not allow me to do this requiring verification number sent by e-mail. Obviously the system sends this to the user e-mail rather than my own. It would be even better if the admin user could be exempt from this and able to log in to any user? -  most of our users are salesmen and they do not want to have anything to do with the admin side of things!


Perhaps the admin could log into their own account and the in settings>users and teams>actions (the little grey dropdown) have a option to "access user's account" to edit their profile/system defaults and settings/ table views/ dashboard defaults/ signatures/ connect phone/email etc


Agree this would make life so much easier, rather than having to chase a very busy sales team to do basic admin tasks, I could log in as them and do them in a couple of minutes


This had become an even bigger issue for me.  In the past - I could ask for a user to share their password with me - which I did not like - but they would.  Then I could log in as them and see exactly what they are seeing - versus what I see from my Super User Account.


It seems that Hubspot has implemented an additional layer of security - which is good - but causing me more pain.


Now - even if I have user name and password - I now also get the Hubspot Code - which is sent to the user.


This needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.  It is next to impossible to support a large team and do the appropriate testing - when I cannot impersonate a user.

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What sz 9t52 mentions mirrors our current situation too.


Come on HubSpot please, we really needs this update!


Please do this. It would really help with remote teams. 


Is this on the table at all? Some of my users are not very tech savvy and it would be great to be able to log in as them to help with issues. The Super Admin definitely should have this ability. 

HubSpot Product Team

Hello everyone,


I'm Flora Wang and I'm a Product Manager at HubSpot.


Thank you to everyone for commenting on this idea- we hear you that this is important functionality to have in HubSpot. We are currently looking into if the idea and understanding the problems in the space. I would love to chat with any admin who has thoughts on impersonation in the next week or two. Shoot me an email at and we'll take it from there.


Any future news regarding this feature will be on this thread and I will update here.





This is a function that we would find extremely helpful. It is a lot easier for us to troubleshoot, setup, test etc as admins by impersonating the user. High on our list of needs. 


Definitely see the need for this as well! 


This capability would be super helpful, as admin need the ability to update user profile details (name/email/phone/signature) and asking one-off users to do this usually causes delays and completely gets overlooked. If we could impersonate and login as a user, that would help solve part of the issues, since admins do not have the ability to upate user-level profiles and account settings. 


@Flora i'll be emailing you re: impersonating and rationale behind it. thanks!


This is a very usefull feature. Please implment it!


In Salesforce, you can login to other users accounts being the admin in order to test from their experience. This should definitely be a thing for HubSpot.


please add this feature, every other database or app allow admin to access and setup other user accounts


I second this! 

As a Super Admin it would save time and be so beneficial on so many levels.

Click impersonate would notify the user as security measure.

Gets get this deployed as its standard functionality on most systems I use.






I think this is a great idea to help setup users in a standard way and to facilitate onboarding new users.


Any update on this?

HubSpot Product Team

Hi HubSpotters,


Following on from this 'Log in as User' feature that the product team has built we are looking to hear your feedback on other product features that could help make things easier from an admin perspective when managing and troubleshooting your portals.


I started a thread over here and would love any feedback/suggestions: