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Allow Subscription Payment Link Line Items to be treated as individual Subscriptions

It might be helpful if you just went to my site so you can see a real example:
Basically I have 3 base subscriptions, but then there are "add-on" subscriptions the customer can add at check out (on the payment link page).  All the add-ons are subscriptions in addition to the core subscription I'll call the "base subscription."
Currently, when a customer signs up and adds one of those "add on subscriptions," HubSpot shows it as a single subscription for the price that includes the add on in the CRM on associated Contacts/Companies. 
The problem is there isn't a good way to cancel an add-on later since it's just a line-item, and in general the view of the Company page that shows subscriptions lacks the nuance of whether or not they purchased additional services (without drilling down into the line items to find out).
I would love to use a single payment link similar to how things are now on my site, but when the customer pays, it would create/associate separate subscriptions for each line-item (ie the base but then a separate subscription object for each add on).
I can see a use case for bundling the line-items (as it works currently) but also my use case of managing each line item as its own stand-alone subscription, so my proposed solution would just be a boolean/toggle on each line item or Product that allows it to be treated as a separate subscription object rather than bundled.
By adding this one flag/boolean/toggle HubSpot could give the user additional control over how the subscription objects get created, rather than the opaque logic now that basically bundles them if they all have the same payment terms, but separates the subscriptions if they have different terms.