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Allow Specific Feedback on Knowledge Base Articles

Present visitors who mark a Knowledge Base article as unhelpful with a form to submit specific feedback as to why the article was not helpful. This would allow us to actually address the issues that visitors are experiencing.


Idealy with the feedback form would allow for the option for both multiselect choices of common issues and open text fields for more specific feedback.


Would be great to be able to see this feedback data from the Knowledge Base Insights dashboard.

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This idea is essentially the additional features requested but not yet implemented from this 'delivered' idea:


Awesome idea. Is great for community driven companies. 

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Hi HubSpot Community,


My name is Joe, I'm the Ideas Forum Manager. I've been in contact with the HubSpot product team about this Idea, and I wanted to provide a quick update.


We appreciate all the feedback you’ve shared here to help our team evaluate this feature request. However, at this time, this functionality is not something our team is planning to build into HubSpot. This is certainly subject to change in the future, so feel free to leave feedback if you'd like. We'll update this thread if our plans change.

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I agress. If we want to delight costumers, we must be able to improve on the go. If an article is unhelpful and they just leave an email, we lose the feedback when it's fresh in their mind. 

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Hey Joe


Thanks for the update,


Disappointing to hear that this functionality is not something in any plans present or future. I would have thought it was pretty simple and easy to implement. It's literally just a textbox. 


Expected a bit more HS. 


Rob Reynolds


This feature is invaluable in knowing exactly why a user found the article unhelpful.  Also, HS at least has canned options available when you vote no and if it can be available on HS's articles, it should be available for our articles.  Like @RobRAdcore said "It's literally just a textbox" - not hard to implement at all.


Why even collect an email address if we can't collect the feedback on the spot? This was a built-in feature of our last service ticketing system and without a comment box, the rating tool is pretty useless.  We do want to hear what we can improve on and what is missing from our articles. Please reconsider - we've already received complaints from our customers that they can't leave feedback on KB articles.


Also as it turns, out we can't really identify who left what feedback on the articles, so follow-up is also moot. This is how the support team recommended I find the contacts. 


It would be lovely to be able to correlate the following data:

  • Contact info of submitter (email)
  • Which page?
  • useful / not useful
  • Response to "What were you actually looking for instead of what you found on this page?"

If it were just the correlation of textual feedback with the page URL/ID for unuseful responses, that would be very valuable in helping us improve our knowledgebase.

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Would like this feature!


We would find such a feature really useful also, as we want to make sure that the informaton available in our knowledge base articles is helpful as possible to our users. 

A "No" tthe question "Was this helpful"  does not tell us why the user found it unhelpful. 

It oculd be that they have not found hte right article, which menas we might need more tags, or it might be that there is not yet an article for the area they want, or that the article is just no good! How would we know? We need to be able to get their feedback..

Please do consider adding some feature to assist in this.

Thank you.



this is definitely needed! only telling us that this was "unhelpful" is of no help. Setting up an email workflow for the ones who rated "unhelpful" also does not work as many of them are visitors on the website so not a hubspot contact. setting up CSAT is also just a workaround as that's KB in general & not specific to a particular article. 
The ask is not too much. It's just that a followup comment box appears which asks them to share the reason & their email


This is something that we also would have great use off, as mentioned in this thread a simple "yes" or "no" if the article was helpful doesn't really give us too much and requires alot more work compared to a comment section where we could get specific feedback.

Really hope this can be implemented.


Agree this would be helpful


This idea is really AWESOME! Users can leave their feedback right after giving the vote Yes/No and thanks to that we know what's wrong. Instead of sending extra emails or correcting articles "by feel"


It amazes me that I can select how I feel about something in Beta testing (service portal) for Hubspot and leave a comment. But, I can't do that for knowledge base articles. 

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This would be very useful


For anyone who is interested, I devised a way round the lack of this feature.

I have a standard paragraph that I paste at the bottom of every new article. It asks was this helful, thanks them for reading and invites readers to reply and comment or ask a question.

I add an email link that I customise for the header title of the article. The email goes back to our support team.

I put it in a callout note, so it's like the footer of every article. 

I saved it in a word doc, so it's always the same text, and I update the email link each time.

However, most readers seem to prefer to just pick up the phone and call the support team..but it does give them the option to reply if they want, and is a good "end" of the article.



We need to ask the customer for a feedback when it's still relevant and fresh. 

Simple YES/No question is not helpful. This is a must.

Especially since HubSpot themself have exactly this option in their articles.


It's available on Hubspots own help site so whatever knowledge base tool they use (obviously not their own) they think it's a good feature. 

All hubspot need to do is offer up the article rating No button as a input trigger into a form or CTS.

HA ha - good point AStaffordFMN!!! Just shows they don't use their own product, so how can they know if it delivers!!