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Allow Social Publishing on Mobile

I have talked to a few users about being able to access social publishing/scheduling tools while on the go.  This could incredibly useful for trade events, in order to centralise all of the social posts, and possibly launch campaigns on the go.

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I was very disappointed when I downloaded the new app and saw all this functionality gone.

Me too.  We were disappointed not to find social publishing and sources reporting in the new all-in-one mobile app.  Hate to lose features when "upgrading" to a new version.

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The "old" hubspot app was much more functional on the social media front.  I used it on a daily basis to quickly publish something to social media that I saw while on the go and had it automatically tie into my campaigns.  It was really useful during events and shows.  Now I have to resort to Hootsuite, which is what we were using before we were on Hubspot. This is a step in the wrong direction.  

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We need social posting from the app to post on the go and be able to track everything. That was the best function.


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I have an old version of the Hubspot MKT app and it allows for social publishing. It's brilliant! When we have teams traveling or at events, it makes so much sense to let them post from an event. We cant always send along a marketing person who has the proper credentials. I was saddended that it wasnt in the latest versions, but encouraged that you may add it back in. We've bought into the social publishing through the web, this is the next step in making us really Hubspot dependent. Which, for marketing and customer retention is a good thing. I hope you add the feature back in soon.

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Same thing here, the publishing feature was my main usage of the iOS app. Reading reports can wait my return to the office. 


Being able to publish via the mobile app is a must! I would ideally like to be able to easily follow a feed I'm watching for a trade show (for example the trade show hashtag) and have the ability to re-share those posts that I see. Also need to be able to schedule posts via mobile, attaching them to campaigns, etc just like we do on the online version. 

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I agree with lelparker. The social features in the old app did everything I needed--I received notifications and posted in real-time. We, too, used it to live tweet from trade shows. I'm disappointed that these features that worked and were actively used were abandoned in the process of creating the new app. As a marketer who doesn't call on customers, the new app in its current state is essentially useless to me.
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I would also like to suggest adding the function to allow the app to schdule social posts easy from 3rd party apps like Pocket (ie getpocket.com)


I agree with all of the others that said they used ALL OF THE ABOVE features before on the "old" app called "marketing" with the hubspot logo. When I go to login now, it won't let me in to use the app, even though the post said we should still be able to use the old app. 


I used it to monitor twitter responses, post to multiple channels at once, and sometimes schedule posts when I found something on social media and didn't want to file it away to post later. 


PLEASE think of how you've ruined our "on the go" statuses of being able to use your product. Smiley Sad Smiley Sad : (


Does your IT team suggest we all download Hootsuite and use them? What are we supposed to do?