Allow Social Publishing on Mobile

I have talked to a few users about being able to access social publishing/scheduling tools while on the go.  This could incredibly useful for trade events, in order to centralise all of the social posts, and possibly launch campaigns on the go.

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Is anyone from HubSpot even here any longer? Over a year later and still haven't brought back a function they already had operational suggests no.


A little update would be fair at this point - something to indicate we're not just shouting into the wind. A quick, "No problem, guys. We're on it. Go back to work, chill out, and wait for the announcement which should be coming directly." .... or simply, "Yeah, we're not doing this." ..................... 🌪 

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team


You're definitely not shouting into the wind - we are paying attention to this thread! 

Lots of transparency here: this isn't on our near term priority list... but the PMs have been talking about prioritizing at some point.  


Help us start building out the requirements for this feature by emailing me what features you want in mobile and times that you're available to chat. dmarmer @ is my email handle.




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Hi Daria,

Thank you for jumping in for the HubSpot product team. Unfortunately the Google Form you posted so we could help prioritizing features returns an error message that it can only be viewed within your organization -- and advises contacting the form owner.


Until some other way to send feedback is available,  it would be helpful to know who we can contact to discuss the PMs criteria for priority setting. We have been told for more than a year now that re-enstating social on the mobile app is 'not a priority.' I, for one, firmly believe that using a standard new product/feature priority setting process is not appropriate in this instance. 


This is not an issue of optimizing resources for whatever whizbang thing can be added to the feaure set at an additional cost -- HubSpot took away a basic functionality. The app is broken and needs to be fixed.  The current HubSpot mantra is Customer Service and your customers are unhappy. How is that not a "near term priority"?

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Yep Smiley Happy I messed up with the google form. 


Help us start building out the requirements for this feature by emailing me what features you want in mobile and times that you're available to chat. dmarmer @ is my email handle.

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Hey @Daria !


I will help you build out the requirements for this Smiley Happy.



I think having the ability to post to social media through a mobile app is huge. 


Where can I get a link to the form?



Thank you,


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Sorry, but I really don't understand where this is going or why.  Why do we need to come up with requirements?  This all used to exist in the old mobile app.  Just take that and merge it in to the existing app.  You should even have that code.  As a developer myself, I don't think it's oversimplifying things to say this.  This shouldn't be that big of a deal.  You already built this, tested it, and deployed it.  You just failed to add it back in to the new app when you replaced the old app with the new L&F.


So, can we get Hubspot to acknowledge this and add it back in?  It seems absurd to me that we're even having a discussion about adding social posting to an inbound platform of the level of Hubspot.  Can we get a commitment to have this integrated back in by the end of Q3?





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I actually spoke with the app team about this back in February. He gave me a little history on the issue but the recommendation to use on mobile, for the time being, is not helpful, especially because it the site does not have very good UI or UX on mobile. 



when asked what the recommended solution was in the meantime

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I was really surprised to see that I could not post on social for my company when away from my laptop. This is really essential at events or for those unexpected opportunities when social is really meaningful. Is there a reason you can do email and blogs but not social? That leaves our a significant channel in a campaign.


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@mvalin you can not do anything from a marketing standpoint from the app. All it is a really basic dashboard. You cannot create any content, blogs, emails or social posts from the app. This is one of my biggest frustrations with HubSpot. A system that is supposed to be the Hub of everything, which started as a marketing platform, that is supposed to make my job easier, requires me to look to other applications to do this seemingly basic feature like post on social media from my phone. And then we find out thanks to @Daria that this is not even (back) on their to-do list yet.

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Social media publishing from the mobile app is an absolutely necessary feature these days, with full functionality available on the web app. I am a new Hubspot customer and actually find it hard to believe that this functionality does not already exist in the Hubspot mobile app. With so much business activity taking place on the go these days, and social media publishing needing to be very timely, this functionality is crucial, and I hope the Hubspot product team will implement this in 2018.