Allow Social Publishing on Mobile

I have talked to a few users about being able to access social publishing/scheduling tools while on the go.  This could incredibly useful for trade events, in order to centralise all of the social posts, and possibly launch campaigns on the go.

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Agree with everyone in this forum that the ONLY time I ever used the HubSpot app was for on-the-go social media postings and monitoring. The new app is completely worthless to me without the social media tools. Once I downloaded the app (at INBOUND, no less) and found out that it didn't include the social media tools, I pointed it out to people at the HubSpot booth who seemed to be as shocked as I was. I can't believe this issue hasn't been resolved yet! Marketers absolutely need this functionality in the app. The release of a new app should be progress forward, not three steps back. Please, please, please add the social media tool back to your app. 

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I fully back this idea. It would be great if we could publish and schedule social media posts on the mobile app - is this in development? 

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I could use this, this Friday.  

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This is soooo overdue. 

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I have found one work around, which is awful:


Access the Social Inbox at from the phone. Use the non-mobile-first interface to create and schedule posts.


Ugh ugh ugh.


This needs to be rectified ASAP. Thanks.

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any update on this?

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It be great to have an update on this! Smiley Happy

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This feature needs to be added back into the app as event publishing is very important on social. The previous app was more than sufficient.


Honestly, you needed this app like yesterday (3 years ago). It really hinders my reporting that I have when I am on site and can only use my phone to post to social media sites. My top 5 posts from this year were not posted through Hubspot. This is really disappointing. 


Also, the Hubspot app is worthless -- my company pays a lot of money for innovation and top-tier technology and we can't even get an app that allows us to do the simplest of things that other apps allow me to do for FREE (i.e. Buffer). 


Every single call I have with someone from Hubspot I mention this problem. I will continue to mention and tweet and comment on this problem until it is fixed. 


Also, please allow multiple photos to be posted to social accounts. 

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Ditto what ajlacefield just said. Another unhappy camper here.


I started this thread because as a partner agency I was mortified to have to tell clients that HubSpot no longer had mobile social publishing capability -- so we had to set clients up on our Hootsuite Enterprise account or Buffer for their trade shows, as well as the Inbound conference itself.


At least you used to be able to use a account to shorten links so there was some aggregated reporting across platforms -- but I just found out recently HubSpot no longer recognizes [Support has not yet responded to my question about this.]


The lack of this basic social media functionality is a major FAIL for HubSpot.