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Allow Progressive Fields in Feedback Survey

This feature is for the company to survey customers based on a criteria of questions specific to their selection.

Being able to use a similar 'progressive field' logic to the forms in a survey will allow for our customers to only answer questions relevent to their answers.

For example, if there are 5 short questions in the survey, and the customers answer to question one is 'no', the customer will only be required to answer the 5th & final question as questions 2-4 are not applicable to them.

i/e. 1 - Do you forsee travelling in the next year, yes/no. if no, proceed to q. 5, if yes, proceed to q.2 and so on.

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Hi, this is extremely needed. Please consider a rapid implementation.


Yes, progressive questions would help me out here, as we currently have to create 4 separate surveys because we have 4 separate possible questions that are only relevant to certain people, based on their answer.

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This would be a great addition to the survey feature of the Service Hub! Now it is still a very basic survey tool, but this addition would make it way more interesting for a lot of customers.