Allow Personalization Tokens to be Used as URLS in CTAs

It looks like adding a personalization token to a CTA URL is not currently possible in HubSpot, as the token will become URL-encoded when the CTA is created in the CTA tool, instead of populating with a contact's information (unlike a regular link that's created directly in the email editor).

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Jun 3, 2020

Hi HubSpot Community,

My name is Joe, I'm the Ideas Forum Manager. I've been in contact with the HubSpot product team and I wanted to provide a quick update on this idea.

We appreciate all the feedback you’ve shared here to help our team evaluate that. However, at this time, adding this functionality is not something our team is currently planning to build into HubSpot. This is certainly subject to change in the future and we will update this thread if our plans change.


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It's ridiculous that this hasn't been implemented yet. I need to send out custom URLs to a custom login page. This was easily done with so many other ESPs, but not Hubspot apparently. 

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This is one of the first features I looked for when setting up my account and was surprised not to see this capability.

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Is this still the case?  I really could do with this functionality

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Checking in on this one. Is this possible within HubSpot? 

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It is still not possible according to Support. I tried to implement this by editing the source code in an email href="{contact.custom_value}". Would be a great feature to have.

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 This would be great. Currently, we use a custom field to store a client's directory page. To turn it into a link we have to select it and then Ctrl+C+K+V Enter. Being able to add it as a URL would be great.


It would also be great to be able to use contact tokens to build a URL e.g.{Industry}+{Region}

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Hi guys

It is actually possible. 


Instead of adding a personalization token you can write the URL to retrieve the right information.


If u want the email and firstname to be customized  in the url then just ad {{}} and {{contact.firstname}}







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Thanks @nikolajrhermann


Now, how can we add that link with variable tokens to some text with variable tokens?


For example, {{Industry}} = Reception Venues and {{Region}} = Auckland.


I want the text of the email to say:

Reception Venues Auckland

and for it to be clickable with the link

like this: Reception Venues Auckland



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I have the same requirement. Great idea!

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the implementation of this feature would help our business alot, especially that the only other way to place personalisation on a Mailto: button is through an image which is not trackable of the amount of clicks. Frustrating and would be a really helpful feature. 

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This would be incredibly useful! Its very difficult to customize the user experience without it.

HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Hi there!


I had a customer today who had a similar query to this and I came across this post that did not have the suggestion that I gave him.  I thought it may be helpful to give you a workaround that worked for my customer.  He wanted the contact's website to be hyperlinked to a CTA in an email however this is currently not possible so what we did was add an image module to the template, used an image he created (by the snipping tool) for the CTA.  Within the 'Link URL' of this module we put {{}} which worked for what he was trying to do.  I am hoping this may be helpful for some of the issues that you may be facing!

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Hi Kaburke, 

We did the same thing with an image. 

The only issue we find is that we can't track clicks with an image becasue it's opening a new email rather then a web link. 

Hopefully it's implemented sooner rather then later. 

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Is this in the pipeline for implementation? 

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We are about to send out a double opt-in email campaign but seems we can't put the link behind a CTA button, as it's actually more a personalisation token. Be great if we could, rather than put the link behind an image (more work, less tracking).



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This is a feature that is critital for anyone that is trying to integrate the registration process of an external software offering with the marketing automation features of Hubspot.

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This feature would provide a huge benefit to all marketers. Our business has a personal online profile for each customer, and to be able to create CTA's such as "view your profile" or "see your profile now" etc. would be amazing.


Perhaps there's a workaround from a CSS perspective? I can copy the personalisation (e.g. {{}} ) and then paste it into the source code of the CTA, but it then breaks the CTA. Has anyone tried this before and fixed the CTA?


If not, then this is a feature that would significantly expand the marketing options our business has. 

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Surprised not already available - this functionality would increase productivity and reduce duplicated efforts from all staff members!

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We too would like this functionality. Currently we have to spell out the entire url in our emails rather than hyperlink a single word. Our emails end up looking unprofessional.

HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

This isn't yet available, however, you can fake the CTA experience by converting a CTA into a normal image:

  1. The easiest way to create a PNG version of a CTA is by simply dragging the CTA (from within the CTA editor) onto your computer desktop. This will immediately create a PNG on your desktop.
  2. Upload this PNG into the file manager
  3. add this PNG (that looks exactly like the CTA) to the email and use the personalization token as the image source: <img src="{{contact.someURLproperty}}" >

Visually, there won't be a difference but you won't get the CTA tracking layer. However, you can still use the link clicks to build lists and workflows.