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Allow Personalization Tokens to be Used as URLS in CTAs

It looks like adding a personalization token to a CTA URL is not currently possible in HubSpot, as the token will become URL-encoded when the CTA is created in the CTA tool, instead of populating with a contact's information (unlike a regular link that's created directly in the email editor).

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@andrepitie Nice! thank you!

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Hi there,


Is there still no progress on this?


I've used the image workaround for a while now but being able to personalise the link on the CTA would be amazing, especially with drag and drop now where we have the option to add a button module.


I can't believe there are comments here from 2017 and this is still an issue. It's a real problem to work with outside tools and track everything back in Hubspot, please add this feature ASAP!!


Agreed.  A major use case for this right now are Zoom webinars.  When you use the Zoom integration one of the most useful properties contains the personal login link for a contact who has registered for a webinar.  The contact needs that to login to the webinar.  It is a very long link.  It would be far better to be able to use the URL feature and use click text like "click here" to allow contacts to click through from an email easily to the webinar the registered for.  Presently you have to add long peronalized links like these to the general text of an makes for a very long url that wraps around several times...especially on mobile.  This use case would apply to any integration that uses personalized links with lots of code/characters at the end.  COVID-19 has made Zoom integration a higher priority issue.  I think Hubspot would be well served to advance this feature now.

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Shared this in another thread but this might be helpful: 


Just wanted to share this idea: you can drop the personalization token into the "link URL" of the CTA like this {{contact.insert internal token name here}} . Tested this out in my portal and it worked. 


It is also important to note that a button and a CTA in an email have very different functionality. A CTA will be tracked as it's own individual click but a button is essentially the same as using an image and or a link.  Just something to be aware of because it can cause confusion - they don't work in the same way.


Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 5.58.49 PM.png


would love this feature!!! currently we have unique links to give various employees access to a shared company page. each employee has their own unique link to gain access. If we could have a personalization token that pulls a URL from a  contact property this would save us so much time.. Currently I can't even use the marketing email tools for this because we would need to clone the email every single time to edit the CTA for each recipient which gets really messy and not effective for reporting purposes. For now we have to use a template, and email people from our personal emails which is less streamlined and then template reporting doesn't let us see which contacts we sent it to. so sad. As we scale, we would likely end up using another marketing product outside of hubspot to achieve this. 


Hey @sqirjazi , 

have you tested this with all kinds of email clients?

If i send test emails to my colleagues, they are not able to click the links when looking at the mail with apple mail. 
Any recommendations how to handle this?





I've also hit this stumbling block. I haven't been able to get the workarounds to work but I am still trying. Also I gather than just by using a link, I can't track that (e.g. have a workflow that does something if they click it), which is vital. Just another reason to migrate all our trial/automated comms away from Hubspot to Intercom - the list is getting bigger!

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Hi HubSpot Community,

My name is Joe, I'm the Ideas Forum Manager. I've been in contact with the HubSpot product team and I wanted to provide a quick update on this idea.

We appreciate all the feedback you’ve shared here to help our team evaluate that. However, at this time, adding this functionality is not something our team is currently planning to build into HubSpot. This is certainly subject to change in the future and we will update this thread if our plans change.


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I can't understand why this idea is currently not planned. There are much benefits in personalized CTAs - and as I can see already 183 users are asking for. 


-> We're working with viral loops to push social engagement by a member-programm, here we need personalized links. 

-> You'd improve CX when we can deliver the mail-adress by the CTA to a LandingPage, as a result you can prefill the mail-adress for example. 

-> You'd improve registration process in general

-> You'd improve personalization grade, if we can forward users to URLs according their profile we could forward users to specific (like Country X= show map 2) 



Maybe this idea needs to be reconsidered.


In our case we need to send users to specific pages on our website depending on organisatioId, userId which are parts of our URLs.

The absence of this feature makes the use of hubspot completely useless.

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I just ran into this issue while trying to create CTAs for surveys using the Survicate (who is an integration partner).  Really need this to be a thing HubSpot, c'mon!

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Sorry, but that is not the way to it. It already works in the regular tracking as you can use the contacts ID directly in  your tracking.


Please refer to your API to see how the email can be picked directly from an URL as part of HubSpot tracking.:


It's almost 2021, this is still needed - especially for surveying brand perceptions. Please let's get this on the docket for 2021.

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Yep, same goes with hyperlinks or image links


I think this is the same thought I had. 


  1. I would like to create a series of landing pages that auto-populate with the salesperson's (contact owner's) info and availability when viewed by their contact.
  2. Ideally each salesperson (contact owner) would have a headshot card, that operates as a personalization token available in the rich text personalization drop down.
  3. That headshot card would include button that says 'schedule a meeting with me' and open the meetings url. or open the meeting's url in the page.


As it is now I am limited to their name, email, phone and an ugly URL to schedule a meeting with them. 


If I could even get the URL to be a button that would be HUGE. A button that takes a personalization token.





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As long as HubSpot also character encode the output from the replacement of e.g. {{contact.firstname}| so any spaces are turned into something a browser can open.


Example: {{contact.firstname}} is 'Hans Henrik' then the space should be encoded so the URL works.

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Yes please. Very simple and a few lines of code in e.g. C# ... 


Not that hard to replace spaces  ... is it HubSpot?


 4½ years down the line and we have WASTED hours and hours to find different work arounds to this issue. 

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I have found a work around that works for me.


Simply enclose the personalization token in "". The value is transferred with the "", but I can live with that compared to giving my users a 404.
Change the link in the email from:
The account name is then filled with the content of the custom field freerialaccount enclosed in "".
So instead of having this in our application:
account name
Then we get
"account name"
Not ideal, but much, much better than 404 and a lost trial account.

Hi All,

This can be done. A workaround is as follows

  • Add button in the marketing email.
  • Find the internal name of the property that holds URL
  • Add object name before internal name. e.g contact.internal_name
  • Encapsulate internal name it in curley brackets. e.g {{contact.internal_name}}
  • add it in Button URL