Allow Personalization Tokens to be Used as URLS in CTAs

It looks like adding a personalization token to a CTA URL is not currently possible in HubSpot, as the token will become URL-encoded when the CTA is created in the CTA tool, instead of populating with a contact's information (unlike a regular link that's created directly in the email editor).

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It's ridiculous that this hasn't been implemented yet. I need to send out custom URLs to a custom login page. This was easily done with so many other ESPs, but not Hubspot apparently. 

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This is one of the first features I looked for when setting up my account and was surprised not to see this capability.

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Is this still the case?  I really could do with this functionality

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Checking in on this one. Is this possible within HubSpot? 

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It is still not possible according to Support. I tried to implement this by editing the source code in an email href="{contact.custom_value}". Would be a great feature to have.

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 This would be great. Currently, we use a custom field to store a client's directory page. To turn it into a link we have to select it and then Ctrl+C+K+V Enter. Being able to add it as a URL would be great.


It would also be great to be able to use contact tokens to build a URL e.g.{Industry}+{Region}

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Hi guys

It is actually possible. 


Instead of adding a personalization token you can write the URL to retrieve the right information.


If u want the email and firstname to be customized  in the url then just ad {{}} and {{contact.firstname}}







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Thanks @nikolajrhermann


Now, how can we add that link with variable tokens to some text with variable tokens?


For example, {{Industry}} = Reception Venues and {{Region}} = Auckland.


I want the text of the email to say:

Reception Venues Auckland

and for it to be clickable with the link

like this: Reception Venues Auckland



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I have the same requirement. Great idea!

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the implementation of this feature would help our business alot, especially that the only other way to place personalisation on a Mailto: button is through an image which is not trackable of the amount of clicks. Frustrating and would be a really helpful feature.