Allow Personal Inboxes in Conversations Inbox Tool


I'd like to minimize one tab open daily. Help me stop using the Gmail user interface and allow me to add a personal inbox into the conversations tool. Currently, if I add as a personal inbox, I am unable to check my email in Hubspot in an inbox fashion. It's a bummer. If I add my personal email as shared I make that email vulnerable to all other admins and super admins on my account. Help me streamline and reduce friction in my flywheel by helping my team and I have our personal inboxes managed in Hubspot. 

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I support that idea!

It would be amazing to have the personal mailbox in a separate menu from the shared mailbox. This would centralize tasks within the HubSpot and reduce open tabs in the user's browser.


Yes, please make this happen. Having our personal inbox within Hubspot is gonna make it a killer app and help things move faster for us.

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I agree on this topic. Here is my input:


Today we might use gmail for personal usuage and in some ways conversation - inbox for shared support. In order to think from the perspective of actual humans we would strongly benifit from having it all in one place. Else centralized support and communications will fall behind and might be delayed in organizations that does not have a dedicated customer support.


In my company we work with our day - to - day tasks and emails are secondary. In a bigger company customer support would work dedicated through the conversation inbox but in a smaller company thats not the case. Connecting our personal inbox without a team-inbox-workaround would make our work much much easier. Besides - customer relations and contact notes and preferensess would be shown faster and we would avoid the same content being several times by different users. 


I am open for a call on this topic from the hs product team. Send me a PM if you have further questions on my input. 


Agreed this would be so useful.